Friday, January 15, 2010

Michael Jackson went along with 2009.

2009 has passed away, along with that went too everyone’s favorite pop star Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is an American pop singer who synthesized a wide variety of American music styles to achieve international fames in the 1980’s. His most dazzling success was the album Thriller, released in 1982, which sold over thirty million copies worldwide.

 Jackson was born on August 20, 1958, in Gary, Ind. He started singing at the age of six, where he was the lead singer of Jackson Five, a family group that toured the country in late 1960’s. Michael Jackson was the Jackson Five’s star. Destiny, Triumph, Off The Wall is some of the works of Michael Jackson. And each one of these albums sold in excess of one million. A major factor in Jackson’s rise was his innovative use of music video to capture his charismatic performing style, as in the video for ‘Thriller’, which offered an exciting mix of horror film and Broadway musical technique.

Jackson’s personal life was tragic. He had undergone nearly thirty plastic surgeries and was not physically fit. But when he was performing, he was of full energy. He died at the age of 50 on June 25, 2009. He lived for music and was born to change the view of people towards music. He worked hard for music throughout his life and now he can rest in peace. Even though he had died, he still remains in everyone’s heart through the world of music he has created.........

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