Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Technology That Empowers Me.

This is also a topic recommended by Chris Borgan in his blog for beginners. When I think of technology, Internet is the first one that appears in my mind. Now internet has turned out to be a priceless commodity. It was not so a decade ago. When it was developed, communication was the main idea. But it is now used for each and every simple purpose making the human life easier. I use it mainly for blogging. I will try to give you a small article about what internet is to me.

Internet makes our almost all jobs easy, especially with the high speed connections and various web applications. Technologies have advanced very much in the last few years. Now one can get connected to the internet from anywhere through many mobile devices. Now a new technology, known as Wi-Fi, has made the internet connection wireless. Thus you can go anywhere with the whole world in your hand. Internet has many advantages as well as disadvantages. I use internet for the following few reasons.

Information- For me, internet is like an encyclopedia or can be more than that. I use it to find the whole world. Frankly saying, I use it to discover what is happening around me. I convert this information into my blog. Not all of them but try to reproduce whichever is possible. Now internet can be used to read books. When I was a child I used it to find articles for my school works. I am sure that most of the present day students are learning from it.

Communication- Communication is the main aim of internet. It was even developed for communication, even though it is currently used for various applications. E-mail communication has turned out to be very effective since their discovery. It was not able to gain a great importance in its early life. But now it is used around the whole world. In early days, posting letters was common. But now, I think that there are only some places where this practice exists. E-mail has now got so much importance as it takes only few moments to mail data’s from one corner of the world to another.

Social networking- I uses internet to connect with people around the whole world. I don’t think there is any need to tell you about this. It is most common now. It helps to get connected to the friends around the whole world. Social networking includes sharing also. You can also find music, videos and even games on the internet. Some of the social networking sites that I use are Orkut, Facebook, and Twitter. These are the most commonly used social networking sites. I would try to give articles about these sites.

Data transferring is another common use of internet. One can always transfer any files from one computer to any another computer through internet. Online shopping is now common and millions shop through the internet daily. I would recommend you to stay away from scam. Now internet is also used for banking. But I don’t think it is a safe way for transferring money. Security is the main concern of the internet user’s.

I don’t think this is a good article. You all know what is internet and I think there is no need for any explanation. But even there will be someone who doesn’t know the use of it. All together it is one of the bad topics I had written. Don’t feel angry with me or my blog.

How I Find Blogging Ideas

Starting a blog is free and easy. Anyone can have a blog. But problem to most of the bloggers is the topics to be written in the blog. Most of my friends ask me from where I am getting these topics. When they ask this question, I just laugh at them. It is not because that it is a funny question. It is because that I too had the problem a long while ago.

When I decided to start a blog I just thought of the topics in which I should concentrate. I had several topics in my mind to be written. But when the time came I was not satisfied with none of my ideas. I began to search for topics. And I found many topics which need to be written. Now I am fully satisfied with my blog and I could help others to find topics.

If you are a beginner, you may be wandering for topics. It is not because your eagerness to write more. It is because of your need for more. You may want to write many topics in your blog. It may be of different subjects or same subjects. You may want your blog to be viewed by each and every person in the world. If you fall into this category, I am sorry to tell you that you cannot achieve success.

Many would like to know, whether starting one blog with many topics or one topic for one blog is better. I would recommend them, a blog with a single topic. Because when you start a blog with many topics, you may wander here and there for the topics. It may result in time loss. If you are starting a blog for one particular topic, in which you are good, you will be able to post enough information to your blog.

When you are going to start a blog, get to know why you are starting it. Many people would like to make money out of it. I fall in this category of people. Mainly, lack of topics occurs to such people. Some are there who wishes to start a blog to share their reviews. They would not have to worry about the topics. I would recommend you to start a blog for reviewing electronic products. Many people around the world need to know about new products. Even I search for the details of newer products.

In this twenty first century it would be foolish to say that you lacks in information. I found out this truth after I got involved to my blog. If you are not concerned about your blog, you may find it difficult to write something. It was in a period like this, I too don’t have anything to write for my blog. Involvement here not meant that you should completely devote your whole life to the blog. If you wish, you can. There are many who are full time bloggers. I won’t encourage being like that. But if you want your blog to be ranked good, you should spent at least some time daily for it.

I finds topic from around the world. There are many things happening in this whole world. If you are able to discover more, it would benefit your blog. It will satisfy me too. Try to know what is happening outside and you should convert it into a blog topic. Thus you can even help simple bloggers like me.

Ways to embrace audience.

This topic is here because of the inspiration of Chris Borgan. He is a blogger like me. But he is way too different from me. My audiences are you people who visit my blog. So I am writing about the ways to embrace my readers. Audience can fall in any category. But to me audiences are the readers of my blog. Throughout this topic it is written about the ways to hold your readers for ever.

Creating a blog is simple and free. But getting traffic to a blog is not as easy as many people thinks. Traffic here meant is the audience or viewers of the site. If you are a blogger, you may know how difficult is to generate traffic to a site. It was a tough task for me too. And when I started this blog, I was not even able to make at least ten readers to my blog. But this is not the current status of my site.

One may think that when he creates a blog, he will be able to get thousands of readers to the blog. But it will remain as a dream until he works hard for it. This was the case with me. Only when I started this blog I came to know the real fact. Now I understand the difficulty most of the successive bloggers have faced. I am really fighting to get a good rank for my blog.

Most of the people thinks that a site is good only if it contains vast information or if it was working for a long period. But I think that these all are wrong concepts prevailing in human minds. To me, a good site is about the satisfaction of the audience. If you are reading this, then you are an audient to me.

I want my audience to be fully satisfied. Only then I could make some benefit of my blog. I would like to give a good approach to my audience. It is this factor that determines the quality of a blog. If you are straight forward and give genuine ideas to your audience, they will always be satisfied and would come back for more.

When you are starting a site, try to know why you are starting and what is you going to do with it. If you just start a site and pays no respect to the audience, you won’t be able to attain good traffic to your site. Some are there, who starts a blog for marketing their items and does not even give some description or so. They just want people around the world to buy their products. This won’t result in any success. Even I had started one blog to market my products. I am sure that no one in the world knows that such a blog exists in the world. I stopped that business right away.

So I would like to tell you that audiences are also humans. They should not be deceived. They are important for every firm for its well establishment. If treated well, they can bring fortunes to you. If not, they can tear apart your whole life. So be truthful and genuine to your audience.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to become Less Shy

Many people had asked me why I was so shy. Does anyone have ever asked you the same question? If yes, then I recommend you to read this post very seriously. Most of my relatives asked this question several times. But I never heard them. I was not so serious about this until one of my friends asked me the same. I became so irritated when they also started asking the same. So I want to find out what is the problem with me.

All this things happened at the age of thirteen. It may be due to the age, I badly wished to find out the problem with me. It was not as easy as you may think, for a teenage boy to control his mind. You won’t believe how I was. I can’t be any shier than I was. I was so shy that I can’t talk to the girls. I was not so till thirteen. Many girls had told my friends that I have changed a lot.

I didn’t know any way to change it. I was so shy that I can’t even think of asking anyone for help. This may be the same problem with you. But you are different from me. You have the commodity to get connected to the whole world. I just started using it in the recent past. So get to our topic. Sorry, if I panic.

It took a decent time of my studies to find the problem with me. I were only able to find that I hided most of my thoughts thinking about the after effects. Frankly saying I was not confident to express my ideas. Even if you think that you are confident, somewhere in your mind you are not. You may be wondering how I founded these reasons. The answer is simple, experiences. I had several experiences in my life for anyone to know that I was shy. One of them is quoted below.

My father started asking me to go to the bank when I reached thirteen. I always did what he told to me, even if I don’t wish. The bank is situated near a taxi stand. There are several drivers standing here and there and talking to each other. Once I thought that they may be thinking about me. The reason for this is that I was the only child enters the bank to withdraw or deposit money. No other parents wished to send their children’s to the bank. Thus I became irritated to go to bank. But one day, I went to bank with my cousin. I told him my problems. Hearing this he started laughing. He told me that it is not as I think. He said to me that if we all look such things as serious in life, we won’t be able to live this twenty first century. He told me that these feelings are due to less confidence.

This incident may seem to be simple for you. But a thirteen year old boy like me might take it as a serious thing. After this incident I wished to be more confident. I decided to talk whatever I wished. I grew in confidence by each day. I started talking to the girls. I ignored the people around me. I started to think that I am the best in the world. You won’t believe me. I changed a lot during the last few years. The best of the thing is that I started to talk to girls. They also started to think well about me. I think you know how difficult is to make a good impression on others, especially to the girls. Now I am so happy and at the moment I am enjoying the life. But still I am shy to enter into stage.

I think that you all have several reasons to feel that you are shy. You should not worry about it. Just think that there is only one life and you have to enjoy it in the every possible way. Just show confidence in yourself. Think that it is your life and you have the full rights on it. Ignore your egos. Just think that you are the superior of the world. You should not mind what others are saying. You can live your life in any way you wish to be.

I won’t encourage you to choose wrong path of the life. Think wisely and act accordingly. Even though it is your life, please don’t try to spoil it. Enjoy your life.

Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Make Money Online

Do you want to make some real money through online? If yes, then you should read this post. I am so sure that this post will guide you to the right place to make money online. Because I myself had underwent so many money making ideas and ended up without making even a single cent. So go on reading with this post and act wisely to be successful in this field.

You can make money online through different ways. Some of them that are commonly used are given below. But before entering in this field make sure that you can spent at least one hour a day online. Requirements for making online money include an E-mail account and a Paypal or Alertpay account. For your ease create a new E-mail id for this purpose alone, so that you don’t have to mix this with your personal id. Now let’s have a look at the different ways:-

Online Survey.

Online survey is the first online money making program that I have committed myself into. This system is good for Americans and Canadians, as many survey sites prefer them. A non-US resident cannot actually flourish in this field. But there are some sites working internationally. But even the scope for making some serious amounts is less.

Online survey works on a simple basis. You have to work for an online survey site. They will give you the surveys as they want. To work for an online survey company, just register in the site. Note that, you provided correct e-mail id. They will send the surveys to the e-mail id you have provided. Payments ranges according to the survey provided to you and the site that offered. Generally, $ 5 and above are given.

I know what you have thought currently. It is not so (what you have thought). You won’t be able to make huge money by this program. Because to earn money, you have to qualify for the survey. It is not as easy as you think. Frankly saying, I never understood why they disqualify a person. But I think it is based on our answers to the survey. I found out that the chance of disqualification is less if we provide truthful answers. Truthful answers here meant is the answers you had provided while registration.

Time is really a factor in the online survey qualification. You have to complete the given survey in a given time, otherwise you will be disqualified. Time given for a survey varies according to the number of questions asked in the survey. Most of the survey will have questions which will take up to five minutes. But it can be even half an hour or even an hour. But if it is more than that I recommend you not to take the survey, unless they offer you a high amount.

Focus groups, is a part of online survey, where you have to participate in a group discussion. The topics of discussion will be mainly about products. For one hour participation in a focus group, most of the survey sites will pay nearly $ 75. But I have never tried my luck in focus groups.

Thus if you are able to qualify for an online survey, you will be able to make some money. But if not, it will only waste your time and money.

I have to tell an important thing to you. Don’t waste your money to register in an online survey site. There are many free legit sites from which you can take surveys. Then why should you waste your money. In most cases those sites which ask for an entry fee will be scam. I won’t tell that all of them are scam, but surely at least some of them will be scam. Why should you take risks? I will give the name of two sites which is free and I myself have an account. Acop.com Surveysavvy.com

Viewing ads.

You can view the advertisements to earn money. Viewing ads program is commonly referred to as PTC. You will be able to see many sites that offer this program, but most of them are not as legit as Neobux. Oh sorry, if you are new to this field you may be unfamiliar with this name. But one who is working in this field cannot forget this name. Now you may be able to understand how they are satisfying their members.

Like the online survey program, you have to register in the PTC sites also. Viewing ads is an easy way of earning money. As it is an easy way it won’t pay you high amounts for viewing ads. This is only because of the fact that if one knows he can make some money working for a few minutes, the whole human beings will take part in this program. And another reason is that these PTC sites provide the same ad to hundreds of people. So the money given by the sponsors will be divided into hundreds of equal parts. A small part of it will be taken by these sites.

Payments for each ad viewed vary according to the sites and visibility. Most of the legit sites try to pay their members $ 0.01 for each ad viewed. This amount will make you unsatisfied with the program. But you can still make some good amount if you are able to refer this site to more people. Note that, while registering you will be provided with a referral link. Make sure that this link is promoted to get more referrals under your name. More number of referred people means more amounts you earn.

There are many legit PTC sites working around the world. But it is not able to find them. So in order to the convenience of my readers I will provide some names. Of course one of the names is Neobux. The other names are Christyclix, Svbux and Hybux. If you type these names in any search engine, you will be able to get their links.

Reading e-mail is a similar program like viewing ad. The difference between viewing ad program and reading e-mail program is that the ads are sent into an e-mail id, provided at the time of registration. Most of the sites that offer PTC support this program. You will receive many ads on your e-mail id when you have registered with a site. So create a new e-mail id for this program. Payments are almost the same as the viewing ad program. Referrals play an important role in this program also.

Online Marketing.

Marketing can be called as the superior to all these programs. Because most of the people who wishes to make money online enters into online marketing. It is good for those who have at least some amount to spend in the beginning.

Online marketing can also be called as web marketing. It is the marketing of products over the internet. Affiliate marketing is the most commonly used internet marketing. In this program, a product or service developed by a person is sold by other active seller for a share of profit, i.e., you work for a company to market their products and a percentage of the profit is given to you.

Marketing, as you all know, is just like a business. You may sometimes lose your money and sometimes great profits can be made out of it. In online marketing, you have to work for a marketing company. You have to sell something for them to earn money.

You can make some money if you work hard for a while and the earnings can rise up to thousands or ten thousands of dollars. Considering the exposure you will get for your products, the amount you spent at the beginning will seem to be so small.

Online marketing is not so different from offline marketing. But by online marketing your products can be exposed to the whole world and thus the chances of selling products are good. But you should have some money to buy these items. So if you don’t want to give away your money at something, I suggest you not to enter this field.

I would like to recommend you one affiliate marketing company, SFIMG. Type these letters in any search engine and you will be able to go to their website or just click on the following link. Do it only if you wish.

But frankly saying I had never tried my luck in marketing. It is only because of one reason. My family has a business background and never ever succeeded in that field. My father is still running here and there to make some money. So I decided not to enter into the business field even if I am poverty stricken.

Now, I think that you have got enough information to enter into the online money making scheme. An important thing I have to tell you is that don’t ever try to join all these programs. Because it will result in nothing. So act wisely and decide which field you want to work in. And I frankly wish you all the best.