Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to become Less Shy

Many people had asked me why I was so shy. Does anyone have ever asked you the same question? If yes, then I recommend you to read this post very seriously. Most of my relatives asked this question several times. But I never heard them. I was not so serious about this until one of my friends asked me the same. I became so irritated when they also started asking the same. So I want to find out what is the problem with me.

All this things happened at the age of thirteen. It may be due to the age, I badly wished to find out the problem with me. It was not as easy as you may think, for a teenage boy to control his mind. You won’t believe how I was. I can’t be any shier than I was. I was so shy that I can’t talk to the girls. I was not so till thirteen. Many girls had told my friends that I have changed a lot.

I didn’t know any way to change it. I was so shy that I can’t even think of asking anyone for help. This may be the same problem with you. But you are different from me. You have the commodity to get connected to the whole world. I just started using it in the recent past. So get to our topic. Sorry, if I panic.

It took a decent time of my studies to find the problem with me. I were only able to find that I hided most of my thoughts thinking about the after effects. Frankly saying I was not confident to express my ideas. Even if you think that you are confident, somewhere in your mind you are not. You may be wondering how I founded these reasons. The answer is simple, experiences. I had several experiences in my life for anyone to know that I was shy. One of them is quoted below.

My father started asking me to go to the bank when I reached thirteen. I always did what he told to me, even if I don’t wish. The bank is situated near a taxi stand. There are several drivers standing here and there and talking to each other. Once I thought that they may be thinking about me. The reason for this is that I was the only child enters the bank to withdraw or deposit money. No other parents wished to send their children’s to the bank. Thus I became irritated to go to bank. But one day, I went to bank with my cousin. I told him my problems. Hearing this he started laughing. He told me that it is not as I think. He said to me that if we all look such things as serious in life, we won’t be able to live this twenty first century. He told me that these feelings are due to less confidence.

This incident may seem to be simple for you. But a thirteen year old boy like me might take it as a serious thing. After this incident I wished to be more confident. I decided to talk whatever I wished. I grew in confidence by each day. I started talking to the girls. I ignored the people around me. I started to think that I am the best in the world. You won’t believe me. I changed a lot during the last few years. The best of the thing is that I started to talk to girls. They also started to think well about me. I think you know how difficult is to make a good impression on others, especially to the girls. Now I am so happy and at the moment I am enjoying the life. But still I am shy to enter into stage.

I think that you all have several reasons to feel that you are shy. You should not worry about it. Just think that there is only one life and you have to enjoy it in the every possible way. Just show confidence in yourself. Think that it is your life and you have the full rights on it. Ignore your egos. Just think that you are the superior of the world. You should not mind what others are saying. You can live your life in any way you wish to be.

I won’t encourage you to choose wrong path of the life. Think wisely and act accordingly. Even though it is your life, please don’t try to spoil it. Enjoy your life.

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