Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Technology That Empowers Me.

This is also a topic recommended by Chris Borgan in his blog for beginners. When I think of technology, Internet is the first one that appears in my mind. Now internet has turned out to be a priceless commodity. It was not so a decade ago. When it was developed, communication was the main idea. But it is now used for each and every simple purpose making the human life easier. I use it mainly for blogging. I will try to give you a small article about what internet is to me.

Internet makes our almost all jobs easy, especially with the high speed connections and various web applications. Technologies have advanced very much in the last few years. Now one can get connected to the internet from anywhere through many mobile devices. Now a new technology, known as Wi-Fi, has made the internet connection wireless. Thus you can go anywhere with the whole world in your hand. Internet has many advantages as well as disadvantages. I use internet for the following few reasons.

Information- For me, internet is like an encyclopedia or can be more than that. I use it to find the whole world. Frankly saying, I use it to discover what is happening around me. I convert this information into my blog. Not all of them but try to reproduce whichever is possible. Now internet can be used to read books. When I was a child I used it to find articles for my school works. I am sure that most of the present day students are learning from it.

Communication- Communication is the main aim of internet. It was even developed for communication, even though it is currently used for various applications. E-mail communication has turned out to be very effective since their discovery. It was not able to gain a great importance in its early life. But now it is used around the whole world. In early days, posting letters was common. But now, I think that there are only some places where this practice exists. E-mail has now got so much importance as it takes only few moments to mail data’s from one corner of the world to another.

Social networking- I uses internet to connect with people around the whole world. I don’t think there is any need to tell you about this. It is most common now. It helps to get connected to the friends around the whole world. Social networking includes sharing also. You can also find music, videos and even games on the internet. Some of the social networking sites that I use are Orkut, Facebook, and Twitter. These are the most commonly used social networking sites. I would try to give articles about these sites.

Data transferring is another common use of internet. One can always transfer any files from one computer to any another computer through internet. Online shopping is now common and millions shop through the internet daily. I would recommend you to stay away from scam. Now internet is also used for banking. But I don’t think it is a safe way for transferring money. Security is the main concern of the internet user’s.

I don’t think this is a good article. You all know what is internet and I think there is no need for any explanation. But even there will be someone who doesn’t know the use of it. All together it is one of the bad topics I had written. Don’t feel angry with me or my blog.

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