Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ways to embrace audience.

This topic is here because of the inspiration of Chris Borgan. He is a blogger like me. But he is way too different from me. My audiences are you people who visit my blog. So I am writing about the ways to embrace my readers. Audience can fall in any category. But to me audiences are the readers of my blog. Throughout this topic it is written about the ways to hold your readers for ever.

Creating a blog is simple and free. But getting traffic to a blog is not as easy as many people thinks. Traffic here meant is the audience or viewers of the site. If you are a blogger, you may know how difficult is to generate traffic to a site. It was a tough task for me too. And when I started this blog, I was not even able to make at least ten readers to my blog. But this is not the current status of my site.

One may think that when he creates a blog, he will be able to get thousands of readers to the blog. But it will remain as a dream until he works hard for it. This was the case with me. Only when I started this blog I came to know the real fact. Now I understand the difficulty most of the successive bloggers have faced. I am really fighting to get a good rank for my blog.

Most of the people thinks that a site is good only if it contains vast information or if it was working for a long period. But I think that these all are wrong concepts prevailing in human minds. To me, a good site is about the satisfaction of the audience. If you are reading this, then you are an audient to me.

I want my audience to be fully satisfied. Only then I could make some benefit of my blog. I would like to give a good approach to my audience. It is this factor that determines the quality of a blog. If you are straight forward and give genuine ideas to your audience, they will always be satisfied and would come back for more.

When you are starting a site, try to know why you are starting and what is you going to do with it. If you just start a site and pays no respect to the audience, you won’t be able to attain good traffic to your site. Some are there, who starts a blog for marketing their items and does not even give some description or so. They just want people around the world to buy their products. This won’t result in any success. Even I had started one blog to market my products. I am sure that no one in the world knows that such a blog exists in the world. I stopped that business right away.

So I would like to tell you that audiences are also humans. They should not be deceived. They are important for every firm for its well establishment. If treated well, they can bring fortunes to you. If not, they can tear apart your whole life. So be truthful and genuine to your audience.

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