Thursday, March 11, 2010

Environmental degradation.

This is not an idea that struck me in a sudden. I has been working for a long time on this topic and found that our lives had made great worry for the future generations in a way that I can even post a million posts under this category. I wish each and every person in this world should consider these things given under.

Environmental degradation, as the name suggests, is the large scale depletion of the Earth and its resources. These depletions are mainly caused due to the human activities. Animals and human population behave similarly and pollute their habitats, exhaust natural resources necessary for survival. This did not start in the past century or so. Man has been depleting Earth since he was born. Following are some of the environmental problems facing the world today.


Degradation of productive soil is one among million problems. Productive farmlands and forests are converted into deserts. Once the whole world was under forest but now they have turned out to be a rare sight to see one. Even this is the same thing which is causing most problems to human kind as Earth had started responding.


Human use on water had increased such that millions of other animals don’t even get a single drop to settle their thirst. The replacement of the water by rain, snow and other forms of precipitation are not able to change shortage of water supply. Water pollution is one of the causes for this shortage.


Air consists of about 20 percent of oxygen. But when the Earth evolved it was not so. Its atmosphere contained mainly carbon dioxide and there was hardly any oxygen. Green plants converted this carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis. Eventually, the rate of oxygen began to increase. Animal life must have oxygen for respiration. Thus, animal life is completely dependent on plants. But now these plants are destroyed. Hence we are calling our death. Air pollution is another important hazard the world is facing today. Mass planting is needed to avoid the end of the world.

This is just an introduction to this topic. Causes and effects of these problems will be given in a detail in the coming posts. I started posting about this topic to make you people know that you can change the destiny of the whole world. Take initiative to protect our world. Plant at least a tree to save our lives.

Before destroying any environmental resource, think of these following lines. “We have not inherited this Earth from our fore fathers. But we have borrowed it from our children’s.” Famous lines by a famous person. Sorry, I can’t remember his name.

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