Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to create blog contents?

Do you started a blog and want to know how to create contents for blog? You are at right place. I create these contents by myself. These ideas do not strike me at a sudden. It will take a lot of time to come up with something to write for my readers. For me, to complete a post, it will take around two to three hours. I know you don’t wish to spend this much time. But remember that quality of the contents is the important part of a blog. For better quality more time should be spend.

How I make some ideas? I used to read a lot in my childhood. Knowledge about the topic you wished to write about is the important factor. When you think of writing a post, you should think whether you know something about it. If you are able to make around 1000 words, then you could surely post it. But there are some important things you have to take care off. If you cannot make this much words, you better try to find out more. If one makes up with a 1000 word topic, 60% of which will not be what the readers wanted. So you can cope up with the rest. Most of the bloggers try to give 100% good quality content. But most of them are not able to do this.

You can, if you are able to edit what all things you know and deliver the most beautiful words. A good 400 word article is much better than a poor 1000 or 2000 word article. So try to post quality contents. This blog post is about 300 words. I could have written much more, but as a reader by myself I know what enough for you is. Come back there will be more for you. Sorry, I forgot to write about an important point, here it is. You should try to write the contents in a pleasant and friendly manner, so that your readers won’t get bored.

So try to bring up with good contents that you can write endlessly.

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