Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to obtain traffic to a blog?

Traffic can determine the strength of a site. It can kill a blog or will make it flourish. For a blog, traffic is the key to its future. Obtaining traffic cannot be so easy. It takes time, money and everything, only if you wish. Traffic of a site can be increased by performing the following simple steps. Let’s read it.

Contents- Contents of a site is the important to get more contents. Quality content will bring more traffic to your site. So try to write contents that will deliver the purpose. A reader should not get bored on reading your posts. It should be written in a pleasant and friendly manner. Try to keep the contents neat. Another important step is that don’t gamble around in your post. Because a person who don’t know you, might not wish to read the whole content. He will try to read only what he wants.

Appearance- Appearance of your blog will have serious effect on the traffic. Make sure that a reader won’t navigate away from your blog before reading it. Make the reader felt that the blog contains good contents. A good template can do this job. Make every gadget available for the reader such that he can navigate easily through your blog. Your reader should get everything he wants from your blog. Give it.

Comment- Commenting about the posts in other blogs can bring a serious impact on your blog. It could surely increase your traffic. Make your comment feel like that you really care about article and not for promotion. For example, if you write a comment like how r you? Are u fine? Etc. will not direct anyone to you. Try to impress others with your comment and more importantly don’t write comment in more than 30 words. Because no one will spent much time to read comments.

Promote- Promote other blogs and ask them to promote your blog. It can bring traffic from other sites and you will get readers from different blog and from around the blog. You can provide the links to these sites by adding the gadget ‘link list’ (in blogger).

Social networking- You can promote your site using social networking sites like orkut, facebook, twitter etc. This is the first and important step I think you could use to improve your traffic. Because billions use it daily. So go for it. Join sites like ‘’ and ‘’. This will help you increase your blog traffic. Technorati is a blog directory used by millions.

I think you can perform these simple steps and get your blog good traffic.

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