Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some Guilty Pleasures.

Do you feel that life is boring? If yes, you are a person engaged in a single task. It may be day jobs, studies or something like that. Happiness is to be sought and found. Pleasure-seekers generally miss it. People often think that money can bring happiness. But this is not true.

In this generation, everyone is behind money which could only bring unhappiness. To feel free one should avoid it, at least while you want to be happy. In this beautiful world, you cannot be bored. Frankly saying I never had any chance to be bored. Sitting in house will surely bore you. So try to get out of the house. It is just a place for resting. I found out my pleasures in the following activities.

Sight seeing.

There are many beautiful things around your house. You never had seen them in your busy life. Try to find it. In my childhood days, I used to cycle a lot around my house just to see lakes, I loved them most. It used to be happiest time of my childhood. You can also go to such nice places which are not crowded. Because crowded place will certainly withdraw our attention from these sceneries.

Spent time with family.

I used to do it regularly. You will feel relaxed when you spent your time with brothers, sisters or even with parents. Keep half an hour of the day for this purpose. Talk to them everything and anything you know. Thus they will also feel happy. Don’t try to spend your time with family to fight.


It has turned out to be a part of human life. Try to spent time with your friends. This doesn’t mean that you should be online with them. This will bring any pleasure neither to you nor to him. Try to meet in real world. A friend doesn’t mean your collage buddies. It can be anyone who you feel is a true friend. Times spend with your friends is the most precious in a day. So try to practice it.


Try to conduct a long trip for at least once in a year. Traveling can provide entertainment as well as education to a person. Try to discover more places. Avoid traveling by airways as it won’t provide you enough pleasure. You should experience each part of a journey. So travel through land as far as possible. I love to move by train. Even though it moves faster, one would be able to see our beautiful nature.

These are the ways I found pleasure. Any games will also provide me happiness. But I won’t get any time for it after practicing all these things. Practicing these things could also turn your life. Be happier in life. It occurs only once.

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