Monday, April 19, 2010

50 Blog Topics for Beginners

Thousands of people from around the world are entering the field of Blog on every day. They enter the field of Blogging thinking that they have enough idea in their mind to write about. But after a while they will search for ideas. They will start feeling the lack of ideas. This post is those people who want ideas to blog. I will give you 50 Blog topics to write about and are written by thousands of bloggers.

1. How to comment on a corporate Blog
2. How to find time for Blogging
3. How to find Blogging ideas
4. Somebody has to say it
5. Ways to market a Blog
6. Social Media and its importance
7. Importance of Social Media on Blogging
8. How Twitter helps in marketing Blogs
9. How Flickr did it
10. How to use Social Media
11. Ways to Engage Audience
12. Technology that empowers me
13. How to find Blogging ideas
14. How women use Social Media
15. Books waiting to be written
16. A message to television Producers
17. Do rock stars need Social Media Strategies
18. Some Guilty Pleasures
19. Day jobs versus Passion
20. How to use a website
21. How to Read Blogs and What to do with all those information
22. Blogging strategies
23. How I went from very shy to less shy
24. How to make friend on net
25. Quitting the day job
26. How schools could use Social Media
27. How offices could use Social Media
28. Twitter is too simple or Twitter is just right
29. Future of Podcasting
30. Facebook applications that I love
31. Blogging Tactics-How to keep it fresh
32. Tools for Blogging
33. Comments versus Blog posts
34. Blogger versus Wordpress
35. Media topics that need more coverage
36. How to drive traffic to blogs
37. Methods of handling critics
38. How Twitter improves a Blog
39. Interview with a veteran
40. Newspapers and how to change them
41. Blogging on a budget
42. When free is better-When not
43. The Blogging tool not yet seen
44. Presentation skills for a conservation
45. After the event carrying the conversation forward
46. Idea making and How I make something
47. Have Facebook turned the image of Social Networking
48. Why you love Blogging
49. Blogging for money
50. Turning Blog into a Money maker

These 50 simple topics will be enough for any beginner to start their Blogging carrier. Of course, you might have seen this list on Chris Brogan’s Blog. This post is just a portion of Chris Brogan’s “100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write”

Please feel free to comment on this topic. You can even criticize about this post. All your suggestions are accepted with extreme happiness.

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