Friday, April 2, 2010

Deforestation- Its effects on human kind.

As the word means, deforestation is the cutting down of forests. The destruction of the world’s forest is proceeding at an alarming rate. In 1950, the amount of forest covered about 25 percent of the Earth’s land surface. In 1975, the amount of forested land has been cut to 20 percent, largely due to the demands of an expanding population for agricultural land and timber resources. Tropical forests suffer the worst destruction because of social, political and economical demands. This is particularly unfortunate because these forests are important to the protection of tropical soils and water supplies and to the moderation of climate. Moreover, this destruction minimizes the capability of this very complex ecosystem. Forest destruction is an international problem. In India, the land which was once filled with forests has turned out to be treeless.

The main cause of deforestation is the increase in population. As population increases demand for land increases, to meet the general needs. Nowadays, tropical forests are being cleared at the rate of one hectare per second to meet the need of land for housing and agricultural need. Population cannot be easily controlled. But the only work to do to cope up with the cutting of trees is to plant more trees. According to World Bank, a five fold increase in tree planting has to be made for human survival.

The effects of deforestation can be serious and can even cause death to the human dynasty. Deforestation also leads to the spoilage of landscape. As tropical forests are destroyed, carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere increases and leads to global warming. This is what we are facing now. Glaciers are retreating at an average rate of 15 meter per year. The permafrost and glaciers in the polar and other regions are melting and the resultant rise in sea level is threatening the very existence of life. If we can check deforestation, global warming can be surely reduced.

Conservation of forests has to be increase at least to meet the oxygen demand of animal kingdom. Conservation is the planned management of mans surroundings to prevent its destruction. There are no easy solutions to the problem of forest destruction. The only real long term solutions are.

• Efficient agriculture on suitable farmland.
• Efficient forestry practice including plantations.
• Reserves to protect species and ecosystems.
• Usage of fuel wood should be reduced.
• Afforestation- large scale planting of trees.
• Diverse species of natural forests must be protected as national parks.

If we, the humans, are able to perform something for our Earth’s benefit, we will be able to give our future generations a greener planet with full of hopes.

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