Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to CC an Email

You can send email to one address or more than one. You can send multiple emails by using Carbon Copy (CC). You can send same mail to different id by using CC method. This option is available in all email services. And it is as simple as sending a mail. You just have to do an additional step. I will explain it out here.

  • Login to your email account.
  • Click on the “Compose Mail” button
  • Here fill out the necessary fields like To address, Subject, Text.
  • If you wish to add some files, attach it by clicking the “Attach Files” button
  • Now in the CC field, write the email addresses to which the Carbon copy has to be send.
  • You can add multiple addresses by just separating each mail id by comma.
  • After providing all these information click the “Send” button.

Now, you are done. Your email will be send to these multiple address and I hope that you learnt how to use the CC link in the compose mail form.

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