Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to create a Google account

Google, as you know, is a powerful search engine. They provide great applications too. To use these applications, you should have a Google account. Now I will show you how to create a Google account. Usually people create accounts in Gmail, a mail service provided by Google.
  • Go to the Google homepage. 
  • Here you will find several links on the left as well as right side.
  • Click on the Gmail link on the left side. Generally it gets showed up when you enter the homepage. If you are not able to find it there, click on the more button.
  • Click Gmail from the list.
  • You will now be directed to a new page. Click on the “Create Account” button. Now you will be directed to a registration page.
  • Complete the registration form by filling in suitable information’s. 
  • Click the “I accept. Create my account button”. 
  • By clicking this button you had accepted the Google terms and services.
You are done. Now you can enjoy all the Google applications using this email account. You can use this account to log in to any Google applications.

  • You should check the availability of the username to create an account. If the username you entered is not available try different one.
  • You should provide a recovery email. Try not to forget this email id. Because when you request Google for password of created account, they sent it to the recovery mail address.

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