Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to email pictures

Email service has grown very much and now you can sent any information through email. It can be photos, videos or data. Here I will explain how to email pictures. There are many companies that provide email service. Sending a picture via email is almost same in all these services. Here I take Gmail as an example.

  • Sign into your Gmail account using your username and password.
  • Now you will be directed to your inbox. 
  • Click on the compose mail link on the left sidebar. It is normally situated above Inbox link. A screen will appear with a form to send email. 
  • Provide the address to which the mail have to be sent in the “To” column.
  • Provide the subject of the email in the “Subject” column.
  • Now you will find a column naming Attachments. Click on the “Browse” button on the side of the column. 
  • A new window will appear. Select the images you want to send. After selecting the images, click the “Open” button on the window (if you are using windows).
  • To select more than one file, click on the “Attach more files” button.
  • Type the necessary text to email in the Text field. 
  • After completing these steps, complete the “Send” button.
Now the email will be send to the address provided in the “To” field. The files you inserted will also be sent.

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