Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to erase a CD or DVD using Nero.

Nero is software used for burning CD or DVD’s. Their software products does not limit to just a burning software. There is more. Many have licensed version of Nero but they don’t know how to burn a disk. There are more this software can do apart from burning a disk. One such thing is erasing a writable disk. Here I will show you how to erase a disk. The process is similar for both CD and DVD.

  • Open your Nero burning software.
  • Select the type of disk you have to erase. You have an option to select it from a dropdown menu located on top of the Nero StartSmart Essentials tool.
  • Once you have selected the disk type, click “Extras”.
  • A collection of applications can be seen here. Now select “Erase CD/DVD” option from the application list.
  • A new window will appear. Here you have to select the type of recorder you have. The select the type of erasure you want. If you have to finish the erase process faster, select “Quick erase rewritable disk”. Otherwise select “Full erase rewritable disk”. I prefer the second option as it will remove the whole data contained in the disk just like formatting.
  • After selecting the options, click “Erase” button.
  • Now a new window will show the erasure process. Stay patient for the process to complete.

You are done. Your disk is erased. Remember that you can erase only rewritable disks. Erasure process time depends completely on the recorder speed and the speed of the disk. You cannot erase empty disks.

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