Monday, April 19, 2010

How to generate revenue from Blog

Can a person earn some real money from blog? Do you think the same? Do you want to know the answer? Come with me I will guide you towards the answers. And the answer in single word is ‘yes’. Oh, I know you are anxious too know how.

As you know millions of people from around the world are running blogs on different categories of topics. Most of them thinks that blogs i.e. Weblogs are purely personal. Now there arouse a question of whether blogs can be used as a source of revenue. Revenue, the people here means both part time earnings and full time earnings. There are few people who take the risks to drop their full time jobs and get engaged with blogging. Many like Darren Rowse have already turned this aspect into a great success.

Do you want to know how they earn money from blog? I will show you the way bloggers are going earning money from their blogs.

Adsense – Google Adsense have turned out to be the primary source of revenue for most of the bloggers. Adsense is a program based on publishing ads on webpage. Google pays people who run their ads, per click on the ads. The payments vary depending on the ads published. You just have to get their sanction to participate in this program. Of course, you need good traffic to earn some real money from it. You may not be able to become a millionaire using this program. You can get to know more about Adsense program from my archives page.

Affiliate programs – Affiliate programs are other source of revenue for most of the bloggers. There are thousands of affiliate program currently working for you. You can just sign up and start working with it. Amazon is one such types of program. You can place some links or images on certain products and when someone buys the articles through your links, you will get paid a little commission. This program is good but not good to bring millions of dollars. If worked well, you will get at least enough money to spare for blogging needs.

There are more other ways for earning money from blogs. The list is endless, even I have written about this topic a few times with different contents. You can search for it in my archives. According to me, Blogging have the potential to earn money. But it completely depends on your blog and a little bit fortune. There are hundreds of thousands working in this field but only a few made successes with it.

As far I noticed, businesses are growing and online marketing have turned out to be the last word in the marketing. As it sounds, it had brought great success to these companies as well. Increase in the companies coming towards online marketing will make it good for bloggers like me. So there is a great scope in the blogging field in the coming years. I hope that the millionaires will turn to be billionaires in the near future. But there is a danger. What is it? Nowadays everyone with an internet connection wants to blog. This will surely make blogging field over crowded. So joining this field earlier is better.

I am concluding with the hope that you understood the ways bloggers earn money. I am interested in knowing what you people think about this. Please feel free to critique or add t this posts in comments. Your opinions will grow me up in this huge field of blogging.

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