Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Keep a Blog Post Beautiful

Keeping a blog post beautiful is not an easy task and should be looked into as a serious matter and most bloggers do their best to do it. Nowadays blogging is turning out to be a business. So you have to be up to date with your posts and provide good articles to stay in the hunt with the other bloggers. Here are some tips to keep a blog post beautiful.

Select Your Blog Topics Wisely

Blog topics should be chosen wisely so that you will get noticed in the huge crowd. Go at the rate of one topic per blog. Many blogs with single topics is better than a blog with many topics. Do some research with your topics so that you can provide enough information about the topic. Go for a topic that was not given much attention by bloggers but readers mind reading.

Don’t Repeat Topics

I got a report that many new bloggers try to repeat their blog topics. This is not good for a growing blog. It will only make your readers bored and will result in losing them. It’s good to update old topics but don’t try to repeat a topic as it will turn your readers to search for other sites.

Appearance of Blog Posts

Appearance of a blog is as important as finding a good article to write. So give serious attention to your posts appearance. Including pictures, graphs etc that will help the readers to understand the topic are a good blogging strategy. At the same time remember that too much of them will disturb the readers. Publish eye-catching posts by giving suitable fonts, size and color.

Keep It Simple And Small

Try to write in a simple manner so that even a second grade student can understand your topics and ideas. Don’t write too much on a single topic and waste your time. Try to limit your blog contents up to 300 words or so. But remember that these 300 words should contain enough information.

Praise The Comments

If you follow the above given steps you will surely receive comments from your readers. Give responses to the comments and be friendly with the readers so that they will come back for more. Don’t get fed up with the negative comments. Accept their comments and sort them out.

I hope that you got an idea of how a post should be written. I have already written a post on tips for writing blog posts. You can view that post if you find the above given information I not enough.

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