Thursday, April 22, 2010

Search Engine Optimization-Keyword Research and its need

We have already discussed about Search Engine Optimization and its most important point. Now the second thing you have to take into action while optimizing your Blog or website. What is it? I will tell you. This is as important as getting Backlinks. I am not going to make you more impatient. It is Keyword Research.

Don’t laugh at hearing these two simple words. It can cause enough damage to your Blogging future if you don’t look into it more seriously. If you do it wisely your Blog will grow in a short period of time. Why I choose this topic as important. It is only because of my experience.

Most of the beginners ignore the simple process called “Keyword Research” and that is good enough answer for why they fail in their Blogging carrier. Now let’s get in to the business. What is this Keyword Research? It is just acquiring the knowledge of the words that people around the world search. For example, think that you wrote an article about “20 Tips for Beginner Bloggers”. But the people from around the world won’t type this much in Search Engines. They will sometimes only go for ‘Tips on Blogging’. This is Keyword.

If you change your heading to ‘Tips on Blogging’ chances for getting more traffic is high. So I think now you understand what Keyword is and its importance in Blogging. Now the main question is how you would find about the Keywords. Here is the word ‘Research’ will come up. You have to spend some time in finding the Keywords that will suit your niche.

There are thousands of company’s to offer you the Keyword Research tool. There are free services as well as paid services. I recommend you to use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. They offer you a free service and will help you to build a better Blog. Keyword Research Tool will also help you to know the traffic volumes that searched using particular keywords. This will help you to choose the best keyword for your topic.

But there is an important factor you have to take into consideration. Don’t try to include too much Keyword on your Blog topics. Because Search Engine giants like Google will think that the Blog is working for Search Engines and not for readers. So, blog for readers and not for Search Engines.

The next topic on Search Engine Optimization is about Page Optimization. Try to read all the topics under this Basic Tips on Search Engine Optimization. Please feel free to comment on this topic. You can even criticize about this post. All your suggestions are accepted with extreme happiness.

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