Thursday, April 22, 2010

Search Engine Optimization-Page Optimization

This is the third straight topic under the category ‘Tips on Search Engine optimization’. In the last two topics we discussed about Backlinks and on Keywords. In this post we will discuss about Page Optimization. Now it is time to learn more about optimizing your webpage’s.

Optimizing Page means providing a ‘Meta tag’ for your webpage’s. Meta tags will help Search Engines to find the title of the webpage and the contents contained in it. Meta tags are nothing but few HTML statements. We have already dealt about Meta tags and you can view it for creating a Meta tag or for just knowing what it actually is.

Every new blogger thinks that it is just enough to give Meta tags for your homepage. This is a wrong concept. As far as I am considered giving Meta tags for every post on the blog is a good thing to do for Search Engine Optimization. I know that this will disappoint you and it is a real loss of time. I have seen serious comments on different blogs about giving Meta tags for each single post. It disappointed lot of them as they have hundreds of articles and it will be very, very painful to give Meta tags for all of them.

If you are not able to provide Meta tags for all of them try at least to give it to most important posts in your blog. Meta tags consists mainly of three parts: TITLE- title of the post or the webpage, DESCRIPTION- a short description about the contents of the post or about your blog, and Keywords- this is a short list of keywords contained in your post. There is not much difference between Meta tags for Homepage and for posts. There can be more contents in the Meta tag section of your HTML.

To get good Pagerank you have to make sure that your Title and Description tags are apt to the topic of your Blog. In the description section for posts, insert some sentences from that post. Limit your description section to about 150 or 160 words. This is better. Keywords section should contain the most important Keywords in the post.

Do you want to know what is Meta tag and wants to create one for your blog? Click ‘Meta Tag for blogs and posts.’ There are thousands of other sites on the web that provide Meta tag generation services. is one such site that works on SEO and related services.

Now you have finished with the third step in optimizing your Blog for Search Engine. The next topic is about Knowing about your Competitors. I hope that you understand what Meta tag is and their importance in Search Engine Optimization.

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