Friday, April 23, 2010

Search Engine Optimization-What are your competitors doing?

This is the forth topic in this serious of Search Engine Optimization. When you look into the title you may feel a bit interested to know what it is. The questions that will rise when you read this article will be many. I have tried to solve as many questions that I got in mind.

It is very important to know your competitors. Who are your competitors? Don’t know who all your competitors are. They are the Blogs that work in your same niche and are well above you in readers as well as Page rank. Knowing your competitors is one of the top three SEO tips I have to provide to you.

Knowing your competitors mainly include these few things. First of all know how many links your competitors have and this will give you a better idea of why they are ranked high by Search Engine’s. Another main thing you have to do is to analyze the source of their traffic. This will help you to understand which category of people is reading your competitors posts. Try to drive all these people to your Blog.

Another thing you have to note about your competitor is the quality of Backlinks that Blog is getting. Links from a highly authorized Blog will help you to get a good rank. Don’t get afraid by seeing the number of links your competitors are getting. It is good to have a competitor with so much incoming links. This will help you to wish more.

The third is about the Keywords used in the title of linking pages. We have already discussed about Keywords and their importance in Search Engine Optimization. Use most appropriate title for your Blog Posts but don’t forget to include the Keywords you found from your competitors. Sometimes you have to imitate them. But using it many times will backfire.

Getting links from one website is not enough for acquiring good page rank. Popularity of the site linking has double effect on Search Engine Optimization. For example, if your Blog is about Blogging, getting links from ProBlogger- a Blogging maniac on Blogging will boost your Blog’s rank. There are many others in this field but ProBlogger is my ideal.

Thus we are concluding our forth topic on Search Engine Optimization. I hope that all of my readers have enjoyed these four topics and the next one will be about Blog Contents. Please feel free to comment on this topic. You can even criticize about this post. All your suggestions are accepted with extreme happiness.

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