Friday, April 23, 2010

Search Engine Optimization-Write Good Articles

This is the fifth lesson we are going to learn about Search Engine Optimization and we are almost reaching the end of learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization. In this topic we will discuss about our most important point, Good Articles. And this is the last topic in this learning process.

You may be thinking of the importance of Good Articles in Search Engine Optimization. I will tell you why Blogs should look upon articles to optimize their Blog for search engines. In today’s online marketing world, articles have a great important role to play. It is treated as soul of the Blog or website, let it be about any niche.

Posting a good article can have serious impact on your Blog traffic and on your Search Engine rank. How? Posting good articles will increase the chance of others linking to your Blog. So what do you think about posting good articles. I recommend you to write good contents that suits your niche. Remember that your blog posts should not be a duplicate as this will have bad effects on your SEO carrier.

Daniel Scocco, founder of Daily Blog Tips, wrote in one of his post that

“A bad post is worse than no post at all, because it might damage the image of your blog and make you lose readers.”

So apart from writing a lot of Blog Post you have to look seriously into the quality of topics you would like to write. You do also have to look for the topic that a reader might like to link. You can use Google AdWords Tool to help you find good topics in your niche that world had searched. This will also help you in finding the Keywords.

The important thing you have to make sure while writing posts is that it is useful for people searching in your niche and most importantly it is original. Try to include some supportive facts and references and use bulletin list wherever it is possible. Give some useful Links in your Blog Post to help readers. Another important thing to include in Posts is ‘Research’ details including their results.

With this we have reached the end of learning basic SEO tips. Now you can practice these topics in your Blog. If you have any questions or doubts regarding these five lessons, just give me a comment. I will look into the matter. Please feel free to comment on this topic. You can even criticize about this post. All your suggestions are accepted with extreme happiness.

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