Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twitter-Its importance in Blogging

Twitter is well known to you like any other bloggers in the world. Twitter to bloggers is not just a social networking site but a traffic generator. How? Is this the question haunting in your mind? Don’t worry I will show you how Twitter and blogging is linked with other.

Twitter is a social networking site like Facebook and Orkut. Sorry, there are more but I wrote only the top ones. What Twitter actually does is that it connects billions of people together. This is same that other social networking sites do. But the difference is that no other social networking sites were able to give traffic to a site as Twitter does. Twitter is mainly used by bloggers and most of the bloggers go for Twitter.

In Twitter friends are called as followers. You can follow any person and anyone can follow you too. The important thing I noticed about Twitter is that they don’t need to confirm the request. This is good for bloggers because we won’t have to waste our time by clicking these confirmations. It is truly a blogger friendly networking site. Now Twitter has grown like that a “Follow me Button” is common in every blogs. Twitter is lot more than traffic itself. This information’s can be taken from ProBlogger. I will show you the importance of Twitter in bringing traffic to a site.

Twitter brings a lot of traffic to a site by linking your tweets to thousands of your followers. What is a ‘tweet’? Tweet is the posts you give in Twitter. There is some disadvantage to tweets as they can only contain 140 characters. This has turned out to be even a controversy. We could nothing do but hope that the authorities will increase it. Have you heard of Problogger? It is a site with thousands of articles and is mostly referred by bloggers. He has around hundred thousands of followers. Can you guess what much traffic he gets in a day? If you have that much followers under your belt, there is a chance of getting lot traffic from they itself.

Now I hope that you understand the importance of Twitter in Blogging. I was not aware of this fact about Twitter. But now I too have a Twitter account and increasing my followers. I hope that I will reach a ten thousand mark in few months.

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