Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ways To Make Your Blog Attractive

Blog’s design is important to drive good traffic. A good blog design is rare to find. It should suit your topic as well as your business. A good design is not enough to attract people. You have to look up on various other factors to make your readers look for more. Here are some facts you have to take into consideration to make your blog attractive.


Header is the title of the blog. You have to make it attractive as far as possible. You can include images to make it identical and look attractive. While including images make sure that it suits your blog and blog topics. Make the header font to the highest level and provide an identical color. Don’t try to mix colors; this will only make it less attractive.


Most of the beginners write too much as description. It is not at all necessary to write around 100 or 150 words. A maximum of twenty words is well enough to be shown at the header region. You can add hundreds of words in your Meta tag so that search engines would find it. Make its font way smaller than the title. Its color can be selected depending on the template but it is good to use white or black color for description.


Menu bar for a blog is good for blog’s reputation and will also help your readers. Place a menu bar just below or above the header. Menu bar should contain important links to your site. Add a home page and About Us link on the menu bar. You can find detailed information on Menu bar in a later post.


Ads are important for bloggers as well as readers. Ads should be placed at corresponding places to make your blog look attractive as well as to get clicks. You can place your Ads at top of the header; between, above and below posts contents; sidebar and as well as in the page footer. But placing Ads at some of the places given above in some templates won’t look much good, so place Ads at positions that suit your blog templates.


Sidebar is the place where your widgets are placed. Make its size compact and don’t add too many widgets on it. Add the widgets that are very important for your readers like subscription links, search box, post labels. If you place Ads in your sidebar try to place it on the top of the sidebar; it looks great.


This is the place where the blog post goes. Chose an attractive font for your blog post. Most bloggers go for the default font as it looks great and are eye-catching. Go for white or black color for your blog posts. Use bulletin lists wherever it is necessary and don’t forget to use bold or italic characters wherever it is required.

By this I hope that you will change your blog template from what it currently is and will make it more attractive. These are just few points in improving your blog design. Remember that blog design will always increase your blog traffic. Feel free to comment on this topic as well as any topic.

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