Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why Blog Posts should contain Links

Bloggers would surely love to get their Blog to high level. In this process they will surely find about Linking. What is it actually? Before dealing with linking know “What are Backlinks and their importance in Search Engine Optimization”. Only then you would get some idea of linking. Now the real question comes up. “Why Blog Posts should contain Links?” Knowing Backlinks is important as this word is used throughout this post.

Many Bloggers believe that Link Exchange is obsolete. But I don’t think it is true. Still it plays some important role in SEO and professional Blogging career. In fact, if they are done correctly it will surely bring some traffic as well as optimize your blog for Search Engines. And this may be main aim of most Bloggers.

Linking inside posts are the best way to get some Backlinks. In my several researches I have found that most of the successful Bloggers used one or two links in most of their posts. It is just to make authority as well as to get some Backlinks. For example take,, etc.

In one of blog posts of Daniel Sccoco, he suggested to give links before asking them for one. So linking to one site will surely help in getting a Backlinks from that site. What do you feel if someone ask you for something and you don’t get rewarded? It feels quite embarrassing.

In this post also I have used links to few sites hoping that they will link back to mine whenever they could. You too could link like this if hoping to get some rank from Google. Sharing articles is another good way of linking. While linking you has to make sure that your Blog don’t violate the Google policies (and that of other search engines). Remember not to over link the Blog Posts.

It is quite common that few Bloggers might have a doubt that whether they will lose traffic by linking to other Blogs. It is not true. Your readers will only love to be directed to good articles. Link to sites that contain relevant topics that your readers would like to read. Otherwise linking would only fight back.

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