Thursday, July 22, 2010

Google Upgraded Typical Google Images

Many people might have been using Google Images for a while. Google have introduced it in 2001 and now they have indexed more than 10 billions of images from almost the whole internet community. Now Google have updated their Images to a bit more interesting, as they always do.

Now Google come up with more interesting features for the surfers. The new improved design of Google Images made sure to enhance previews. The new preview section includes larger thumbnails of the images. Moreover they give a dense tiled layout, designed to make it easy for the users to find what they are looking for. And this is the most important update of Google Image.

Google assured Instant Scrolling between pages. It provides images up to 1000, all in one scrolling page. “Similar Images” section is an attribute of the updated design and this, according to Google, will help the surfers find suitable images of what they are looking for. Keyboard navigation is another update made by Google and this will surely fast up the user’s action at least to some extent.

Image Search Ads is another format of ad launched by Google and will appear on Google Images and will include some text with a thumbnail of an image. This is going to be just another service launched for helping user navigation and also for promoting companies.

Google Going to Purchase 114 megawatts Of Power.

Google Energy decided to purchase 114 megawatts of wind power capacity per year. The deal is planned to be made for 20 years from an Iowa wind farm. Google currently isn’t planning to use the wind power for its own utility.

Iowa is one of the top five wind-power generating station in the U.S. with existing power capacity of 3,670 megawatts. NextEra Energy Resources owns the farm and operates it. And the estimated revenue of the company is over USD 15 billion. Before it had established its energy subsidiary, Google invested $38.8 million directly in NextEra Energy’s large, utility-scale wind power generation projects in North Dakota.

Google first established its goal of offsetting its own carbon footprint in 2007. This deal should bring it 114 megawatts per year closer to carbon neutrality. Google spokesperson Yood says, “We’re partially protecting ourselves against future increases in power prices.” This is by far not the first step taken by Google in preventing future Environmental crisis.
Even after the large media attention, Google and NextEra Energy Resources haven’t still reported the numbers behind the deal. But a NextEra Energy spokesman noted on Tue. “A long term commitment [by Google] to purchase a significant portion of the output from one of our wind projects is obviously a good thing for us.”

Friday, July 16, 2010

What did I felt after the 100th post

It nearly took seven months of my life to complete my hundred post mark. Too slow isn’t it? Yes it is very slow. But the truth is that I never blogged regularly (Have a look at my graph, most of my posts came from April 2010). I started blogging thinking I will be able to blog daily but never done it correctly. Now I am happy as well as a bit worried at this moment.

The happy part is that this is my 104th post and I have some subscribers with me, even though the number is very small. I am inching towards of being a professional blogger. I know this number is not so big for many bloggers but still I would like to celebrate each and every successful moment of this blog.

Now the sad part is that, as I told already, it took seven months to cover such a small peak. But this can be neglected as far as I wrote many topics in this blog. Now I get to know that whether it is free blog or a professional one niche is an important factor in blogging career. helped me to know that even a small blog is a website to an outsider. I just wrote about anything and everything I found interesting and at last ended up in 100 posts. I wrote articles that don’t even have any relation at all. I was nothing but unprofessional.

I don’t say that this might be the same case with you. Here I just opened up my mind and said about my blogging career. You can share yours too out her or with your readers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Google To Help High School Teachers

Google is going to do some social activities by helping high school teachers to reach their potential. Don’t get confused Google is not only a Search Engine Monster they are approaching on helping the world.

Generally computer is a tough subject to be taught as it gets updated by each day. New techniques new tools all will be difficult for a teacher. To solve these problems Google is funding a program called Computer Science for High School which is shortened as CS4HS. It generally works on the principle of training a trainer. Its main aim is to develop a community of high school teachers and spread the awareness of beauty of computing.

Now Google have already started it in the US and expecting to pick it up in the rest of the countries as well. The session is almost filled with entertainment by sharing all their experiences in the educational as well as computer field. Even though they have only started, it is making a difference for the teachers. CS4HS is planning to fund 20 workshops in US and will sponsor another 14 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

What if CS4HS could get lot teachers? It is surely going to be a wonderful experience for the teachers as well as students. CS4HS provides basic instruction on different programming languages as well as with latest software’s. Emmanuel Onyeador, who teaches AP CS at Oakland Technical High School, told: “CS4HS is the missing link—as computer science teachers, you find yourself isolated in your classroom. When I sit here I find that we’re all talking about the same issues and the same type of students. What I bring back to my classroom will make a big difference.”

It is surely going to be a wonderful contribution to the world and to the field of technology from the famous computer giant, Google. It was quite surprising for me to hear such an activity from Google. But anyhow I like their contribution to the field of technology.

You can view a list of all 20 U.S. CS4HS workshops and find more information about the program at

Stick To One Topic

We have discussed about what should you blog about. It is important to mention that sticking to one topic is essential part in Blogging. There are several reasons for this aspect and time is the main reason for that. You might have seen Blogs like Mashable work on almost all topics. But remember that they have people under them to work for. For an individual it is better to stick to one topic so that you may be able to guide some traffic.

Now, do you really need to stick to one topic? All my research made me to answer yes. There is nothing like that only a blog with different articles will succeed. It is purely wrong. If you have contents that readers wanted they would surely love to be in your site and moreover they may come back for more.

If you consider many successive Blogs you may be able to find that they tried to stick to one topic. For example, you can look for Problogger, DailyBlogTips, TMZ, Perez Hilton and the list won’t end here. Tech Crunch is currently the best technology Blog. Remember that all these blogs started from individual efforts and some still continues to be.

Concentrating on one topic is the best part of Blogging. Only company Blogs will continue to do work on multiple topics. Concentrating on one topic will ease your Blogging experience. In this Blog I tried to Blog on many things but in the end I decided technology is my field and I will stick with it. Selecting a good niche is important and it requires all your attention.

Getting your traffic coming back for more is what many Bloggers would like to have. And this will increase your Google Pagerank. In short new Bloggers should create an authority so that people have a feeling that they could get some enough from these Blogs. Selecting a topic that suits you best is the best thing to do in Blogging.

It is most evident that people start Blogging on many topics as they find it interesting to them. It is not good, select one topic and write good quality articles in this niche. If you have too many interest start another blog for that niche. But remember that it is good to work with one or two blogs. More blogs will only take more effort and may pull you backwards.

What should You Blog About

What should you Blog about? You have to answer this question by yourself. Most Bloggers start their career when they think that they have enough to write. But choosing the right niche for your Blog is not that easy. In this post we will discuss about the contents that a blogger should consider writing. One can write anything in his blog if he wanted it to do as a Hobby. If you consider it as a Business then choosing the right niche is important.

Many Bloggers start their Blog by gravitating it around your person. I don’t think this is a right option for Business blogs. Don’t name your blog using your name or surname. This is the most common mistake I have found. Don’t show off your identity. Writing contents related to your experience is fine.

Don’t write about too many topics. I often do this but after knowing its defect I have tried to stop it a bit at least to get some traffic. One may have many interests and passion but it is not necessary that you should write about all of your interest. Select one topic and write about it.

If you think you can write more topics, start one more blog for this and make it stick around that Blog. But remember one thing that starting too many blogs isn’t at all a good idea. Many Bloggers think that starting too many blogs will help them to earn lot of money. But this is not true. Earning from an established blog is much simpler.

Another mistake that I found is trying to cover too many topics with the same blog. If you are passionate about several things select one among them and stick to this topic. Select a topic that could generate some traffic to the blog. Focus more on that topic and it will be easier to attract readers and to monetize it.

Another common mistake is choosing a niche that you are not interested and knowledgeable about. When someone sees that a Blogger is making god money in a certain niche, they might decide to imitate it. It won’t work for everyone and you won’t be able to stick to the topic for a long time. Always select a topic that you know.

If you are able to solve these simple steps you could find a better topic and will be able to drive some traffic. Feel free to ask any doubt.

Some Useful Links

Advanced Share Buttons for Blogger

Many a times we have dealt about “Share this” button in this button in this Blog. But till last few weeks it was not available to everyone in Blogger community (Blogger users). Most of them looked up for some external company’s widget. But now Blogger introduced advanced share button.

The new share buttons can be placed under each post. They offers sharing services to E-mail, Blogger and several other social networking sites like Google Buzz, Twitter, Facebook and many more. Google assured its supportive users that there will be more services in the future.

Blogger also provided a Share link in their navigation bar. It may not be as effective for professional Bloggers as many of them might have hidden their navigation bar for better look. But it is good for others who haven’t yet removed the bar. To add the share button
  • Click ‘Design’ in your dashboard.
  • Click ‘Page Elements’ tab.
  • Click ‘Edit’ under the Blog Post section. A new window (“Configure Blog Post”) will appear.
  • Mark the “Show share buttons” tab.
  • Save it and you are done. The new share button will be shown under each and every blog post of yours.b

New Video Player For Blogger

Blogger introduced new Video Player based on YouTube Player. It is by far a great thing done by Blogger. Earlier version of the player works according to the player’s wish but now users can decide the playing options and other essential details.

The new player comes up with larger buttons and many other options like animated seekbar and moreover the new player allows the video to be shown on full-screen mode. There are much more features like Playback Performance, Network Speed. And most importantly the new player keeps it private. Network Speed may be a new aspect to many of the users. Moreover the new player comes up with a different volume bar. To me it looks attractive and may not be bad for you too.

In many cases we have heard about privacy and Google is somewhat good in keep everything private. Google assured users that the videos uploaded on Blogger are only available on the blog and will not be disclosed on YouTube. These are surely not my assurance, Google said it.

Blogger Introduced Template Designer

As all the bloggers know Blogger was not as attractive as it should be. Now Google adds one more step in improving Blogger Templates. Yes! Blogger Template Designer is now available for everyone. Now Blogger users can decide how their blog should look like. It’s a new aspect for me and I was looking for it for a long time. Due to the large crowd response received so far the Designer, it is sure that it had succeeded.

Now everyone can give unique looks to their blog. Google have included 19 new templates and all in CSS. Main highlights of the Designer includes Separating Design from Layout, Change the colors easily, Smooth Resizing, Cross Browser support. I have a look at all the templates and felt that they are far better than the earlier ones.

Still there are many faults with this Designer. It does only work better with their template. Other templates may not look much attractive after designing. Anyway this would be a great new experience for Bloggers. To know more about Template Designer and its usage feel free to click here. Give it a try!