Saturday, July 10, 2010

Advanced Share Buttons for Blogger

Many a times we have dealt about “Share this” button in this button in this Blog. But till last few weeks it was not available to everyone in Blogger community (Blogger users). Most of them looked up for some external company’s widget. But now Blogger introduced advanced share button.

The new share buttons can be placed under each post. They offers sharing services to E-mail, Blogger and several other social networking sites like Google Buzz, Twitter, Facebook and many more. Google assured its supportive users that there will be more services in the future.

Blogger also provided a Share link in their navigation bar. It may not be as effective for professional Bloggers as many of them might have hidden their navigation bar for better look. But it is good for others who haven’t yet removed the bar. To add the share button
  • Click ‘Design’ in your dashboard.
  • Click ‘Page Elements’ tab.
  • Click ‘Edit’ under the Blog Post section. A new window (“Configure Blog Post”) will appear.
  • Mark the “Show share buttons” tab.
  • Save it and you are done. The new share button will be shown under each and every blog post of yours.b

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