Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blogger Introduced Template Designer

As all the bloggers know Blogger was not as attractive as it should be. Now Google adds one more step in improving Blogger Templates. Yes! Blogger Template Designer is now available for everyone. Now Blogger users can decide how their blog should look like. It’s a new aspect for me and I was looking for it for a long time. Due to the large crowd response received so far the Designer, it is sure that it had succeeded.

Now everyone can give unique looks to their blog. Google have included 19 new templates and all in CSS. Main highlights of the Designer includes Separating Design from Layout, Change the colors easily, Smooth Resizing, Cross Browser support. I have a look at all the templates and felt that they are far better than the earlier ones.

Still there are many faults with this Designer. It does only work better with their template. Other templates may not look much attractive after designing. Anyway this would be a great new experience for Bloggers. To know more about Template Designer and its usage feel free to click here. Give it a try!

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