Saturday, July 10, 2010

Google To Help High School Teachers

Google is going to do some social activities by helping high school teachers to reach their potential. Don’t get confused Google is not only a Search Engine Monster they are approaching on helping the world.

Generally computer is a tough subject to be taught as it gets updated by each day. New techniques new tools all will be difficult for a teacher. To solve these problems Google is funding a program called Computer Science for High School which is shortened as CS4HS. It generally works on the principle of training a trainer. Its main aim is to develop a community of high school teachers and spread the awareness of beauty of computing.

Now Google have already started it in the US and expecting to pick it up in the rest of the countries as well. The session is almost filled with entertainment by sharing all their experiences in the educational as well as computer field. Even though they have only started, it is making a difference for the teachers. CS4HS is planning to fund 20 workshops in US and will sponsor another 14 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

What if CS4HS could get lot teachers? It is surely going to be a wonderful experience for the teachers as well as students. CS4HS provides basic instruction on different programming languages as well as with latest software’s. Emmanuel Onyeador, who teaches AP CS at Oakland Technical High School, told: “CS4HS is the missing link—as computer science teachers, you find yourself isolated in your classroom. When I sit here I find that we’re all talking about the same issues and the same type of students. What I bring back to my classroom will make a big difference.”

It is surely going to be a wonderful contribution to the world and to the field of technology from the famous computer giant, Google. It was quite surprising for me to hear such an activity from Google. But anyhow I like their contribution to the field of technology.

You can view a list of all 20 U.S. CS4HS workshops and find more information about the program at

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