Thursday, July 22, 2010

Google Upgraded Typical Google Images

Many people might have been using Google Images for a while. Google have introduced it in 2001 and now they have indexed more than 10 billions of images from almost the whole internet community. Now Google have updated their Images to a bit more interesting, as they always do.

Now Google come up with more interesting features for the surfers. The new improved design of Google Images made sure to enhance previews. The new preview section includes larger thumbnails of the images. Moreover they give a dense tiled layout, designed to make it easy for the users to find what they are looking for. And this is the most important update of Google Image.

Google assured Instant Scrolling between pages. It provides images up to 1000, all in one scrolling page. “Similar Images” section is an attribute of the updated design and this, according to Google, will help the surfers find suitable images of what they are looking for. Keyboard navigation is another update made by Google and this will surely fast up the user’s action at least to some extent.

Image Search Ads is another format of ad launched by Google and will appear on Google Images and will include some text with a thumbnail of an image. This is going to be just another service launched for helping user navigation and also for promoting companies.

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