Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Video Player For Blogger

Blogger introduced new Video Player based on YouTube Player. It is by far a great thing done by Blogger. Earlier version of the player works according to the player’s wish but now users can decide the playing options and other essential details.

The new player comes up with larger buttons and many other options like animated seekbar and moreover the new player allows the video to be shown on full-screen mode. There are much more features like Playback Performance, Network Speed. And most importantly the new player keeps it private. Network Speed may be a new aspect to many of the users. Moreover the new player comes up with a different volume bar. To me it looks attractive and may not be bad for you too.

In many cases we have heard about privacy and Google is somewhat good in keep everything private. Google assured users that the videos uploaded on Blogger are only available on the blog and will not be disclosed on YouTube. These are surely not my assurance, Google said it.

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