Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stick To One Topic

We have discussed about what should you blog about. It is important to mention that sticking to one topic is essential part in Blogging. There are several reasons for this aspect and time is the main reason for that. You might have seen Blogs like Mashable work on almost all topics. But remember that they have people under them to work for. For an individual it is better to stick to one topic so that you may be able to guide some traffic.

Now, do you really need to stick to one topic? All my research made me to answer yes. There is nothing like that only a blog with different articles will succeed. It is purely wrong. If you have contents that readers wanted they would surely love to be in your site and moreover they may come back for more.

If you consider many successive Blogs you may be able to find that they tried to stick to one topic. For example, you can look for Problogger, DailyBlogTips, TMZ, Perez Hilton and the list won’t end here. Tech Crunch is currently the best technology Blog. Remember that all these blogs started from individual efforts and some still continues to be.

Concentrating on one topic is the best part of Blogging. Only company Blogs will continue to do work on multiple topics. Concentrating on one topic will ease your Blogging experience. In this Blog I tried to Blog on many things but in the end I decided technology is my field and I will stick with it. Selecting a good niche is important and it requires all your attention.

Getting your traffic coming back for more is what many Bloggers would like to have. And this will increase your Google Pagerank. In short new Bloggers should create an authority so that people have a feeling that they could get some enough from these Blogs. Selecting a topic that suits you best is the best thing to do in Blogging.

It is most evident that people start Blogging on many topics as they find it interesting to them. It is not good, select one topic and write good quality articles in this niche. If you have too many interest start another blog for that niche. But remember that it is good to work with one or two blogs. More blogs will only take more effort and may pull you backwards.

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