Friday, July 16, 2010

What did I felt after the 100th post

It nearly took seven months of my life to complete my hundred post mark. Too slow isn’t it? Yes it is very slow. But the truth is that I never blogged regularly (Have a look at my graph, most of my posts came from April 2010). I started blogging thinking I will be able to blog daily but never done it correctly. Now I am happy as well as a bit worried at this moment.

The happy part is that this is my 104th post and I have some subscribers with me, even though the number is very small. I am inching towards of being a professional blogger. I know this number is not so big for many bloggers but still I would like to celebrate each and every successful moment of this blog.

Now the sad part is that, as I told already, it took seven months to cover such a small peak. But this can be neglected as far as I wrote many topics in this blog. Now I get to know that whether it is free blog or a professional one niche is an important factor in blogging career. helped me to know that even a small blog is a website to an outsider. I just wrote about anything and everything I found interesting and at last ended up in 100 posts. I wrote articles that don’t even have any relation at all. I was nothing but unprofessional.

I don’t say that this might be the same case with you. Here I just opened up my mind and said about my blogging career. You can share yours too out her or with your readers.

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