Saturday, July 10, 2010

What should You Blog About

What should you Blog about? You have to answer this question by yourself. Most Bloggers start their career when they think that they have enough to write. But choosing the right niche for your Blog is not that easy. In this post we will discuss about the contents that a blogger should consider writing. One can write anything in his blog if he wanted it to do as a Hobby. If you consider it as a Business then choosing the right niche is important.

Many Bloggers start their Blog by gravitating it around your person. I don’t think this is a right option for Business blogs. Don’t name your blog using your name or surname. This is the most common mistake I have found. Don’t show off your identity. Writing contents related to your experience is fine.

Don’t write about too many topics. I often do this but after knowing its defect I have tried to stop it a bit at least to get some traffic. One may have many interests and passion but it is not necessary that you should write about all of your interest. Select one topic and write about it.

If you think you can write more topics, start one more blog for this and make it stick around that Blog. But remember one thing that starting too many blogs isn’t at all a good idea. Many Bloggers think that starting too many blogs will help them to earn lot of money. But this is not true. Earning from an established blog is much simpler.

Another mistake that I found is trying to cover too many topics with the same blog. If you are passionate about several things select one among them and stick to this topic. Select a topic that could generate some traffic to the blog. Focus more on that topic and it will be easier to attract readers and to monetize it.

Another common mistake is choosing a niche that you are not interested and knowledgeable about. When someone sees that a Blogger is making god money in a certain niche, they might decide to imitate it. It won’t work for everyone and you won’t be able to stick to the topic for a long time. Always select a topic that you know.

If you are able to solve these simple steps you could find a better topic and will be able to drive some traffic. Feel free to ask any doubt.

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