Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 10 Wordpress Theme Providers

On previous day we talked about the need for attractive themes. In that post itself I told you that I will bring up a post with ‘Top 10 Wordpress Theme Providers’. Creating a customized theme by yourself or with the help of a designer will be time consuming and might require you to spend thousands. Here is the list which will take you to the whole new world of Wordpress themes. I haven’t categorized the list on any basis because all are better in one way or the other.

Elegant Themes
They provide Wordpress themes of quality and integrity. They craft their themes with a goal of simplicity and professionalism and strive to inject each design with a dose of modest elegance. They believe that your website is not just a tool; it is an integral part of your identity. Know more about them.

They are one of the top Wordpress Theme Providers. It started with just three designers. But now they are somewhat like the best in the field. They design two Wordpress themes every month.Go to

They provide A-Z services from building a premium Wordpress Theme to installation. Choose templates from thousands of available options.Check

Studio Press
Studio Press provides professional Wordpress themes which you can choose from thousands. Their Genesis theme is one of the best used by bloggers like Chris Brogan. Get one such theme.

Every month they provide two new themes. The professional themes are designed such that they get maximum Search Engine Exposure. Themes are ready for advertising and monetization. Watch their site.


Press 75
Their themes are unique, clean and efficient with several key customization and content management options. Basically, you get everything you need and absolutely nothing you don’t. View

Theme Galaxy
Their commercial Wordpress themes are coded using semantic and up-to-date xhtml and css. This means that their themes are nimble, and display consistently in all major browsers. Works will with all versions of Wordpress. Check some of their themes.

Colorlabs Project
Their themes are simple, have good typography, minimalists and more importantly easy to maintain. Check out their premium themes.

Rich Wordpress
The RichWP Theme FrameWork is easy to use and gives you full control over your design and layout. Together with the available Child Themes and Design Presets, rapid and streamlined Web development is guaranteed. Your results will be fast, SEO-friendly, professional-looking Web sites of any kind. Check it out.

Even though there is not much collection with them, the themes they provide are very attractive and SEO friendly. Even their forum is a better one. Check it out.

I hope that you liked the post. Share your views and provide me with information about any other Wordpress Theme Providers. I would like to update this post to 25 Top's.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

7 Important Widgets for Blogs

We have already talked about the need of attractive themes. Even after adding a good theme it is not necessary that the blog looks beautiful. Indeed there is one more factor which gives blog a beautiful look, the Widgets. Widgets are applications that you use in your blog for the easiness of user navigation and moreover a good look. I have already stated in my previous posts that standing out from the rest of the crowd is where your Blogging Success begins.

The list given below contains small details about most widely used 7 Widgets, which is a must for every Blogs.

Search Box- Adding a Search Box to your Blog is the first and foremost step to do after adding themes. Nowadays, most of the premium themes come up with built in Search Box. Customize it to your own way. Readers will use Search Box when they want to find something specific. It is sure that they will get frustrated if you don’t have one. This means you are loosing important page views.

More importantly try to avoid the use of Google Search. It is better to guide people to your own blog. Why do you need to drive traffic and sales to Google, when you can grab it?

Subscription Calls- Subscribers are the gold coins in Blogging. Why? It’s only because they are guaranteed visitors to your contents. Each one of them is important for your success. Building a relationship with these people is easier. A blog with large number of subscribers represents a successful one.

So, we have to make people subscribe to our blog. Adding subscription calls to the blog is the best way to attract readers. Add a Subscription box in the header section or in the top of Sidebar. Anyway, one above the fold is necessary. Secondly, give one below each post. If someone read your blog post and got impressed, give them a chance to subscribe. Make sure that you give your readers RSS option and Email option to subscribe to your blog.

Popular Posts- Think that you are in a blog containing 10,000 blog posts. How will you find the most featured post in the blog? So it is a good idea to give some space on your sidebar for ‘Popular Posts’ widget. Sidebar is the best place to provide popular posts. Many use it in the footer also. No problem, you can choose what you want. Some use it as ‘Featured Post’ in the header section. This grabs reader’s attention very effectively. You can use it even on the bottom of every post.

Categories- This widget is most necessary for blogs like this, which talks about different subjects. I currently talks only about Blogging and Technology. But if gone deeper these two can even be categorized into hundreds of other sub-divisions. Think about a blog of more topics. It will be difficult to find what you want. This is where ‘Categories’ widget will help readers. I used one in earlier days, but as my topics got decreased I dropped it.

Related Articles- This is another widget which helps people to find related articles in the same category. I use one in this blog. It is a better way of navigating your readers to different pages. This helps my readers to know more about my articles. Many professionals like use this widget. Wordpress provides several plugins to add this widget to blog.

Share This- This is the closing part of each post (comments are not in author’s hand). Submitting articles to Social Bookmarking sites is one way of driving traffic to the blogs. So it is necessary to give away a sharing option for readers. Which blogger would love to loose traffic? So many bloggers have provided this widget. It will also increase a chance of getting Backlinks.

Author Bio- This is the last thing you have to necessarily add to your blog. Firstly create an Author Bio for your blog with some of your personal information. Just make people know who you are (not a scam). It is good to add a photo of yours in this section. Write some attractive lines about yourself. You can include your age, residing place, what you are currently doing. Let your readers know who is behind the blog.

It is not necessary that all themes support these widgets. I don’t use most of these themes out here only because I can’t. Selecting a good theme, which supports these widgets, is equally important.

RichWP Theme FrameWork is easy to use and gives you full control over your design and layout. Together with the available Child Themes and Design Presets, rapid and streamlined Web development is guaranteed. Your results will be fast, SEO-friendly, professional-looking Web sites of any kind. Buy one such theme.

Templatic provides professional good looking themes. They add their directory with two new themes every month. The professional themes are designed such that they get maximum Search Engine Exposure. Themes are ready for advertising and monetization. Check it out.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Attractive Blog Themes Attract Readers

According to, nearly twenty thousand blogs are added everyday. All of them will surely provide a theme to the blog and starts their blogging career, without knowing the importance of a good looking theme on blogging. I don’t want any of my readers to be in this category. Do something you know. There is something more to a theme rather making the blog attractive.

On previous day I got an e-mail asking me several questions about Blog Design. I thought it would be better to give my readers something about Blog Design. You might be eager to know about the questions I came up with. Don’t worry I will tell you that along with the answer. Here are some quotes of the mail.

I don’t feel to be happy with the theme I take up. Every time I am forced to change my theme for one or another reason. Could you please tell me which theme is best for blogs? Where could I find these themes? Does it give me any help with SEO or traffic?

Well its time to answer each of the questions. There is importance to each and every step you do in Blogging. Let it be selecting theme, or adding widgets, or writing a post. Yeah! Truly there is very importance to a good blog template. Even though you have good articles in your blog, this small factor can let you down in Blogging and could well ruin your whole career.

Which theme is best for Blogs?

It’s a good question to ask. I would say something that is visually attractive as well as a good supporter of SEO. Themes are mainly classified on the basis of number of columns (I look for this). Generally two column themes are good. Even going for three column won’t do much difference. Determine the number depending upon the widgets you wish to add. This is a two column template.

Don’t copy others theme, try to stand out from the rest of the crowd. I have told you that 20,000 blogs are added every day. So stand out from the crowd. While standing out from the crowd it is necessary to keep it unique, memorable and should provide value to readers.

Attractive looks are not enough for Blog templates. It should also look upon several SEO factors like page loading time, different meta tags, post font and the list will go on. Talking about SEO is always a bit difficult.

Where could you find good themes?

Well I am a big fan of Wordpress, so I recommend Wordpress Blogs. Those who go for a free themes, you can find it just by searching it in Search Engine giants like Google. But remember it is better to choose a customized theme for your blog (to stand out from the crowd and to get a good attractive theme).

Creating a custom theme by you would spend a lot of time and money. Moreover you may have to employ a designer for creating it. There are several networks available online which provides you with a complete access to themes (for a small fee). I am planning to post a list of ‘Top Wordpress Theme Providers’, look for it. Here are some services that I recommend.

Atomic Blogging Theme is a perfect Wordpress theme for Affiliate Marketers (who else is there). Build your own theme within minutes. They provide 22 layouts to choose from. To start creating your theme Click here.

Socrates Premium Wordpress Theme lets you create and monetize custom niche Wordpress blogs. The theme is instantly monetized with Adsense. They provide 1000’s of design templates. Get it now.

Do customized themes give me any help with SEO or traffic?

With the matter of traffic I can guarantee you that you will improve. Its not traffic that matters but the attractive themes brings more RSS subscribers. They are like diamonds in Blogging. Giving RSS subscription in your blog is important and it is an essential component. A unique theme will make the readers think that you are a professional. I had several experience of people leaving the blog without even spending one second on my blog (when I used default theme). Do you want this to happen to you?

Talking about SEO, it all depends on the theme you choose. More images means more download time which means more page loading time. So minimize the number of sidebar widgets (especially when it is images). Adding third party scripts in template is the best to do.

Now I think you understand the importance of unique theme in Blogging. Here are some guides that will help you in Blogging. Its worth reading them.

Mobile Monopoly teaches you how an 18 year old earns $18000 and more per month by just using his mobile. Even I am only 16. Lets start you career from here. To know more, click here.

Facebook Ads are a best way to get quick mass traffic to your site. The mass traffic could even be in hundreds of thousands. Learn how to use Facebook Ads effectively. Facebook Ads Guide teaches you how to do it. Know more.

Top 3 Steps To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

Well, we have already discussed about several topics on ‘Making Money Online’. Only now I have entered into affiliate marketing and got to know that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on affiliate marketing. Yeah, it’s a vast topic to talk upon. So far Making Money from Blogging was a primary topic of concern for me, but who would let a topic to drop where you can blog very much.

So far I haven’t earned any money from affiliate marketing. I thought of visiting several sites and bought few products to get to know more about it. They all talked about three factors that contributed to the success in Affiliate Marketing (I am newbie in this field. So I don’t know much about this.). Well what are these three steps to succeed in Affiliate Marketing?

Promotion Method- This is not at all the first step in Affiliate Marketing but consider it as the first because we would need it in the later steps. There is no use of joining any affiliate marketing company if you don’t have access to a large crowd. Promoting the products is the most important part in bringing sales.

I use this blog to promote products. Blogs are better suited for affiliate marketing. One of my ‘Guru’ (Teacher) earns $18000 and more by just selling products through blogs. Learn more about him. There are several other promotion techniques like using Twitter, Facebook, direct mailing etc. But nothing comes to good effect as Blogs do.

Facebook Ads Guide is a complete guide to learn how to drive traffic by using Facebook Ads. It teaches how to use your Facebook Ads effectively and gain more exposure. Click here to know more.

Finding a Right Product- Well to earn money through Affiliate Marketing you should certainly have to sell some products. Which products do you sell? I would go for something I have used or something valuable for others (usually a low priced). Choosing a right product to sell is usually an uphill task with many people because they are not sure with the promotion method they would approach.

For Bloggers, it is better to choose a product closely related to the niche. People would mind to click the affiliate links if they find it necessary to buy, after reading the post. Product Review blogs have a good chance to be a successful seller. Consider using affiliate links within your posts so that people will click it. Many use banners which won’t bring much effect to the sales.

Expose it to crowd- This is like the blood of affiliate marketing. Give maximum exposure to the products. Use blogs (as mentioned earlier) or social marketing sites like Twitter or Facebook to get more exposure. It is not guaranteed that all the people will buy the products. It depends completely on your skill to impress people about the product.

Tell them what you know about the product and moreover tell them why you recommended it to them. Consider myself as an example. I had a post about RealPlayer SP Plus, which I have been using for over two months. I reviewed about the product and placed some affiliate links in the post.

Something like this will increase the sales. Drive traffic to your blog (if you choose blogs to sell products) using several Blog promotion techniques. You need a large friend list or followers list to get sales from Social Marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter.

These are the three steps in Affiliate Marketing. There are many other steps but these remains to be the primary steps. I used several Affiliate Marketing tutorials to learn about it. Here is one guide which helped me to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

Mobile Monopoly is a guide teaching you how an 18 year old boy earns $18000 and more each month just by using his mobile. Learn more about affiliate marketing from this guide. Click for more.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dream High When Blogging

When I was writing my exam last day I struck up with an idea on dreaming and I thought it would be better to tell my readers to dream high (I always have something while writing exams). Somewhere I came to see the following two lines and got inspired very much.

Dream high to succeed in your life. Dream not about the Past instead Dream about your Future.

Yeah it inspired me a lot and thought Dreaming about Blogging will also bring a bright future. It had worked well for me over the past seven months. After reading this post you will get to understand a bright idea of dreaming and taking action accordingly.

I think everyone blogs because of some or other reasons. Some would blog just to share what they know while others go for a business model (to make money). You know Internet Marketing is the best way to earn money from home. There are another important category of people who blogs just as a hobby (myself falls into this category but turned to be an intermediate in this field).

When one enters into this field, they start thinking of getting people to view their Blog. This is normally the goal of every Blogger. Some would look into this seriously and achieve their goals while others just blog for the sake of blogging. This won’t do any better to them or to their Blog. Simply saying, it is a mere waste of time and money. But I think I am different from all those people. I just dreamed from one thing to another and am fulfilling it one by one.

I dreamed of getting constant visitors to my blog, buying a new blog, adding Ads and moreover I want to be in the top list of any niche I chose to work upon. I have fulfilled my dreams one by one. I got to receive daily visitors within three or four weeks after starting this blog (though I lost in the middle). I dreamed of Ads on my blog and AdsDaq provided me what I wanted (Even though I am not earning any money from it, the ads give a unique look to my blog). For your knowledge my current goal is to buy a domain name.

As far as I am considered the best thing a Blogger could do is to dream high about Blogging and implementing it. There is no use of dreaming if you don’t wish to take action. You won’t get success by just dreaming and taking no action. What would you feel if you employ a person who doesn’t do any job but takes his salary on the first day of each month? It will be a complete waste isn’t it? Yeah it is. So take initiative to be a successful blogger.

I dreamed of everything, a normal 16 year old boy from India should not have. I started just like everyone else out there, started just from scrap and didn’t have a single penny to spend. I know there are millions of bloggers out there who lost in the middle. Get up its time to take actions. Be where you want and what you want.

Here are some tutorials I used to learn about Blogging. Take Blogging seriously and you will certainly succeed.

U Wanted 2 Know Blogging is the perfect tutorial for beginner Bloggers. It’s a step by step tutorial on how to build a monetized Wordpress Blog. Check it out.

ProBlogger 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is one of the top selling E-book in Blogging. I recommend the book to everyone starting the Blogging career. A complete tutorial on how to blog. Click here.

RealPlayer SuperPass Plus a Complete Media Player

Note: I apologize for not posting anything for about ten days. Sorry, I was busy with my studies (troubles of a 16 year old boy). Anyhow I am here.

Last day I came to see one of my old acquaintances and talked of many rubbish things and ended up in taking about computer. He asked me to Download Realplayer SuperPass. Now I am pretty much relieved as he came to my home and showed me a great way to view videos (I don’t usually hear audios). I got inspired by RealPlayer and thought of writing a post about it.

Which Audio/Video player would you consider the best? This is what I have to ask to everyone out there. Just think of it.

It will surely be the one that gives you access to a large number of applications with smart and attractive looks. I looked for attractive look in most case. What if you have the best software and looks rubbish. It will only destroy the whole good look of your computer. I used RealPlayer about three or four years ago. But was not able to buy one as I don’t have enough money (But now I have something to spend).

After that version of RealPlayer I can’t find a better suiting one. But now they came up with a good one for people like me who do encourage more applications with good look. I downloaded it when my friend told about it. It is only because I know what it gives me. RealPlayer came up to their standard again and brought up a new advanced player.

Why I use RealPlayer when there is millions of other software? Yeah I too asked the same question to my friend. He told me just to use it and find the answer. I did. For your simplicity I will explain it out here.

Millions of people watch videos daily online. I too did the same and in some times I have downloaded videos about Blogging to help me improve in this field. But finding a right place to download the videos was a bit tricky task. RealPlayer allowed me to download the videos from thousands of websites with just one click. What more do one like me wants?

Another reason I found out was that RealPlayer allowed me to share my videos on Facebook as well as on Twitter. I loved this because it was one way of socializing my blog. Bloggers always love to share what is best (and that is why I am sharing my experience out here). And moreover this is helpful in getting some quick traffic to my blog.

I had downloaded several videos in my life. In many cases I didn’t had the correct player to play these files. But now I have found out Convert Genius which helps me to convert my video files to several other formats. Check it out.  

Have you anyone saw any audio player in my blog. You haven’t. It is only because I didn’t have plugins to do so. CopyPasteAudio makes it easy to add audios to your post in quick time. Take this with you. Click here.

RealPlayer SP Plus delivers the highest quality audio/video. It came with more codec to play almost all types of audio/video files. DVD burning tool helps to move your videos and audios to be stored on DVD/CD. Moreover it came up with a built in music store. What else should one media lover need? Have a look at your own.

Real Network is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. They deliver digital entertainment to consumers through business relationships with mobile operators and other businesses around the world. So there is no need to worry.

You can Download the FREE RealPlayer SP from Here (Note: It does not contain several important features!). If you are satisfied with the free version of RealPlayer SP Sign Up for RealPlayer SP Plus.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Twitter Brought Up Suggestions

Now Twitter has around hundred million users. It was difficult for one to find people of his /her interests. Even I found it difficult to add someone to my follower lists. I used to search by keywords and made most results as followers. Whole damn process.

Now Twitter has launched a new application –“Suggestions for You”. It is available in Facebook and other major social networking sites but came into existence in Twitter only now.

The new feature suggests people you don’t currently follow but you may find interesting. These suggestions may be taken from the people you follow or their followers. They are available on homepage of your ID as well as on Find People section. Moreover, Twitter provided additional facility to choose from the suggestions. The one you don’t want to follow can be hidden and will never be shown again. Cool isn’t it?

“In addition, you will begin to see recommendations for similar users when you view another account’s profile. If you’re interested in a particular user, you might be interested in these other accounts as well.” Twitter quoted. Twitter also brought new Search options. Users matching the search keywords will be shown as Recommendations and can be followed.

Three Million iPad sold

Apple sold three million iPad, just 80 days after its introduction in United States. iPad had caused many revolutions even before its launch. So there is not much to surprise with this news. iPad had turned the user browsing experiences to new level.

“People are loving iPad as it becomes a part of their daily lives,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more people around the world, including those in nine more countries next month.”

Currently Apple store contains more than 225,000 applications for the Apple iPad. Developers from around the world have added more than 11,000 applications now. The iPad comes in Multi-Touch User interface. Its light weight feature also makes it more users friendly.

Anyhow all of these applications are not freely available but have to be purchased from the Apple store. Even then there is great demand for the product and made Apple the largest Technology Company in the world in quick time.

1.7 Million iPhone 4 Sold In 3 Days

Apple recently announced that they have sold 1.7 million Apple iPhone within three days. The product was launched on June 24 and had a huge response from the crowd. Apple’s new retina display is the most attracting feature of this iPhone which gives stunning text, images and video.

“This is the most successful product launch in Apple’s history,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Even so, we apologize to those customers who were turned away because we did not have enough supply.”

iPhone 4 comes with iOS 4. It is the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.

iPhone 4 is available in the US for a suggested retail price of $199 (US)* for the 16GB model and $299 (US) for the 32GB model in both Apple and AT&T’s retail and online stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack and Wal-Mart stores. iPhone 4 is also available in the UK, France, Germany and Japan and will be available in an additional 18 countries by the end of July—Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Note: The price may vary from time to time and with country. The details are provided by Apple.

In Touch Weekly revealed Lady Gaga College Day Photos

In Touch Weekly on one of their edition revealed college day photos of Lady Gaga. She looked normal like every other college student wearing just plane T-Shirt and Jeans when she was at New York University, back when she was just Stefani Germanotta.
Credit: (In Touch Weekly)

It is really unbelievable that a lady who wore T-shirts and Jeans in her college days when grown up wears almost nothing in her good days.

Really unbelievable isn't it? Share your opinion about these pictures.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

TechCrunch changed Intense Debate commenting system

TechCrunch had recently changed their commenting system from Intense Debate to a simpler system. TechCrunch is a blog about Technology News and so far they are the best in this field. Intense Debate is a similar company working on easing the commenting tasks in the websites or blogs. Even we are working with their system

TechCrunch has been using Intense Debate for a long time as their commenting system and now they have moved to a much simple system. Don’t know whether it is their own or some other company’s.

Anyhow, there is nothing much difference with TechCrunch. They are much like earlier and their reader’s gets enthralled with each application they provide. And there is not much difference in the number of comments they are getting. As it is a Technology blog getting comment is a difficult task.

They get good number of comments if the topic is more concerning. There is nothing like good or bad topics in TechCrunch. Everything is good out there. The new commenting system is simpler as there is no login or anything like that required. And moreover every comment gets displayed as soon as it is submitted. That is something every blogger would want to have.

HP CEO to resign

HP CEO and President Mark Hurd have decided to resign his position as soon as possible. The Board has appointed CFO Cathie Lesjak as CEO on an interim basis. Lesjak has been working as CFO and as a member of company’s Executive Council since January 2007 and will retain her CFO responsibilities during the interim period.

Hurd’s decision was made following an investigation about sexual harassment against Hurd and HP. The investigation determined there was no violation of HP’s sexual harassment policy.

A Search Committee of the Board of Directors has been created, consisting of Marc L. Andreessen, Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr., John H. Hammergren, and Joel Z. Hyatt, which will oversee the process for the identification and selection of a new CEO and Board Chair. HP’s lead independent director, Robert Ryan, will continue in that position.

A source familiar with the situation told Reuters that Hurd never had sex with the woman and that the expense account issues stretched over two years and amounted to no more than $US 20,000.

"The board investigation found that Mark demonstrated a profound lack of judgment that seriously undermined his credibility and damaged his effectiveness in leading HP and Mark agreed," HP General Counsel Mike Holston said.

Hurd said he felt painful to leave the company after serving five years as top of the company and he felt it would not be good for him to continue in the position after such dramatic incidents. He also said that he knew that he would have to take such decision as the investigation progressed.

Robert Ryan, lead independent director of the Board, said: “The board deliberated extensively on this matter. It recognizes the considerable value that Mark has contributed to HP over the past five years in establishing us as a leader in the industry. He has worked tirelessly to improve the value of HP, and we greatly appreciate his efforts.”

Lesjak will serve as interim CEO until the selection process of the new CEO is complete. Candidates from both inside and outside the company will be considered. The selection of a new chairman will occur in conjunction with the CEO decision.

Meanwhile HP announced preliminary third quarter results and there is an increase in the company revenue by 11% compared with the prior-year period, approximately $30.7 billion rise.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Improved Privacy Setting From Facebook

Facebook recently have updated the privacy settings to make the user experience more safe and secure. Now users can control how they connect and share on Facebook. Facebook officials have assured that they have made a number of changes to provide more security controls. These options are available independent of devices you use.

Facebook Privacy Control is now available on every browser-enabled mobile device to their 500 million users. Only very few services give access to privacy controls on mobile users. It is not much better for the desktop users as well. Facebook had added another remarkable service to their users.

The new controls make sure that you have all privacy with your Facebook posts. You can set who all should see your posts, friends or friends of friends or everyone. You can control your settings and it will take effect instantly if you want it to. There are much more with the new settings.

Only in the last week Facebook completed 500 million users mark and over the past two years they had undergone many issues regarding security of the user information and some controversies grows up every time or so with the privacy settings of users. Anyhow Facebook has grown really well over the past two years and that’s why it had reached 500 million users mark within short time.