Saturday, August 21, 2010

Attractive Blog Themes Attract Readers

According to, nearly twenty thousand blogs are added everyday. All of them will surely provide a theme to the blog and starts their blogging career, without knowing the importance of a good looking theme on blogging. I don’t want any of my readers to be in this category. Do something you know. There is something more to a theme rather making the blog attractive.

On previous day I got an e-mail asking me several questions about Blog Design. I thought it would be better to give my readers something about Blog Design. You might be eager to know about the questions I came up with. Don’t worry I will tell you that along with the answer. Here are some quotes of the mail.

I don’t feel to be happy with the theme I take up. Every time I am forced to change my theme for one or another reason. Could you please tell me which theme is best for blogs? Where could I find these themes? Does it give me any help with SEO or traffic?

Well its time to answer each of the questions. There is importance to each and every step you do in Blogging. Let it be selecting theme, or adding widgets, or writing a post. Yeah! Truly there is very importance to a good blog template. Even though you have good articles in your blog, this small factor can let you down in Blogging and could well ruin your whole career.

Which theme is best for Blogs?

It’s a good question to ask. I would say something that is visually attractive as well as a good supporter of SEO. Themes are mainly classified on the basis of number of columns (I look for this). Generally two column themes are good. Even going for three column won’t do much difference. Determine the number depending upon the widgets you wish to add. This is a two column template.

Don’t copy others theme, try to stand out from the rest of the crowd. I have told you that 20,000 blogs are added every day. So stand out from the crowd. While standing out from the crowd it is necessary to keep it unique, memorable and should provide value to readers.

Attractive looks are not enough for Blog templates. It should also look upon several SEO factors like page loading time, different meta tags, post font and the list will go on. Talking about SEO is always a bit difficult.

Where could you find good themes?

Well I am a big fan of Wordpress, so I recommend Wordpress Blogs. Those who go for a free themes, you can find it just by searching it in Search Engine giants like Google. But remember it is better to choose a customized theme for your blog (to stand out from the crowd and to get a good attractive theme).

Creating a custom theme by you would spend a lot of time and money. Moreover you may have to employ a designer for creating it. There are several networks available online which provides you with a complete access to themes (for a small fee). I am planning to post a list of ‘Top Wordpress Theme Providers’, look for it. Here are some services that I recommend.

Atomic Blogging Theme is a perfect Wordpress theme for Affiliate Marketers (who else is there). Build your own theme within minutes. They provide 22 layouts to choose from. To start creating your theme Click here.

Socrates Premium Wordpress Theme lets you create and monetize custom niche Wordpress blogs. The theme is instantly monetized with Adsense. They provide 1000’s of design templates. Get it now.

Do customized themes give me any help with SEO or traffic?

With the matter of traffic I can guarantee you that you will improve. Its not traffic that matters but the attractive themes brings more RSS subscribers. They are like diamonds in Blogging. Giving RSS subscription in your blog is important and it is an essential component. A unique theme will make the readers think that you are a professional. I had several experience of people leaving the blog without even spending one second on my blog (when I used default theme). Do you want this to happen to you?

Talking about SEO, it all depends on the theme you choose. More images means more download time which means more page loading time. So minimize the number of sidebar widgets (especially when it is images). Adding third party scripts in template is the best to do.

Now I think you understand the importance of unique theme in Blogging. Here are some guides that will help you in Blogging. Its worth reading them.

Mobile Monopoly teaches you how an 18 year old earns $18000 and more per month by just using his mobile. Even I am only 16. Lets start you career from here. To know more, click here.

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