Thursday, August 5, 2010

Improved Privacy Setting From Facebook

Facebook recently have updated the privacy settings to make the user experience more safe and secure. Now users can control how they connect and share on Facebook. Facebook officials have assured that they have made a number of changes to provide more security controls. These options are available independent of devices you use.

Facebook Privacy Control is now available on every browser-enabled mobile device to their 500 million users. Only very few services give access to privacy controls on mobile users. It is not much better for the desktop users as well. Facebook had added another remarkable service to their users.

The new controls make sure that you have all privacy with your Facebook posts. You can set who all should see your posts, friends or friends of friends or everyone. You can control your settings and it will take effect instantly if you want it to. There are much more with the new settings.

Only in the last week Facebook completed 500 million users mark and over the past two years they had undergone many issues regarding security of the user information and some controversies grows up every time or so with the privacy settings of users. Anyhow Facebook has grown really well over the past two years and that’s why it had reached 500 million users mark within short time.

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