Friday, August 20, 2010

RealPlayer SuperPass Plus a Complete Media Player

Note: I apologize for not posting anything for about ten days. Sorry, I was busy with my studies (troubles of a 16 year old boy). Anyhow I am here.

Last day I came to see one of my old acquaintances and talked of many rubbish things and ended up in taking about computer. He asked me to Download Realplayer SuperPass. Now I am pretty much relieved as he came to my home and showed me a great way to view videos (I don’t usually hear audios). I got inspired by RealPlayer and thought of writing a post about it.

Which Audio/Video player would you consider the best? This is what I have to ask to everyone out there. Just think of it.

It will surely be the one that gives you access to a large number of applications with smart and attractive looks. I looked for attractive look in most case. What if you have the best software and looks rubbish. It will only destroy the whole good look of your computer. I used RealPlayer about three or four years ago. But was not able to buy one as I don’t have enough money (But now I have something to spend).

After that version of RealPlayer I can’t find a better suiting one. But now they came up with a good one for people like me who do encourage more applications with good look. I downloaded it when my friend told about it. It is only because I know what it gives me. RealPlayer came up to their standard again and brought up a new advanced player.

Why I use RealPlayer when there is millions of other software? Yeah I too asked the same question to my friend. He told me just to use it and find the answer. I did. For your simplicity I will explain it out here.

Millions of people watch videos daily online. I too did the same and in some times I have downloaded videos about Blogging to help me improve in this field. But finding a right place to download the videos was a bit tricky task. RealPlayer allowed me to download the videos from thousands of websites with just one click. What more do one like me wants?

Another reason I found out was that RealPlayer allowed me to share my videos on Facebook as well as on Twitter. I loved this because it was one way of socializing my blog. Bloggers always love to share what is best (and that is why I am sharing my experience out here). And moreover this is helpful in getting some quick traffic to my blog.

I had downloaded several videos in my life. In many cases I didn’t had the correct player to play these files. But now I have found out Convert Genius which helps me to convert my video files to several other formats. Check it out.  

Have you anyone saw any audio player in my blog. You haven’t. It is only because I didn’t have plugins to do so. CopyPasteAudio makes it easy to add audios to your post in quick time. Take this with you. Click here.

RealPlayer SP Plus delivers the highest quality audio/video. It came with more codec to play almost all types of audio/video files. DVD burning tool helps to move your videos and audios to be stored on DVD/CD. Moreover it came up with a built in music store. What else should one media lover need? Have a look at your own.

Real Network is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. They deliver digital entertainment to consumers through business relationships with mobile operators and other businesses around the world. So there is no need to worry.

You can Download the FREE RealPlayer SP from Here (Note: It does not contain several important features!). If you are satisfied with the free version of RealPlayer SP Sign Up for RealPlayer SP Plus.

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