Saturday, August 7, 2010

TechCrunch changed Intense Debate commenting system

TechCrunch had recently changed their commenting system from Intense Debate to a simpler system. TechCrunch is a blog about Technology News and so far they are the best in this field. Intense Debate is a similar company working on easing the commenting tasks in the websites or blogs. Even we are working with their system

TechCrunch has been using Intense Debate for a long time as their commenting system and now they have moved to a much simple system. Don’t know whether it is their own or some other company’s.

Anyhow, there is nothing much difference with TechCrunch. They are much like earlier and their reader’s gets enthralled with each application they provide. And there is not much difference in the number of comments they are getting. As it is a Technology blog getting comment is a difficult task.

They get good number of comments if the topic is more concerning. There is nothing like good or bad topics in TechCrunch. Everything is good out there. The new commenting system is simpler as there is no login or anything like that required. And moreover every comment gets displayed as soon as it is submitted. That is something every blogger would want to have.

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