Saturday, August 21, 2010

Top 3 Steps To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

Well, we have already discussed about several topics on ‘Making Money Online’. Only now I have entered into affiliate marketing and got to know that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on affiliate marketing. Yeah, it’s a vast topic to talk upon. So far Making Money from Blogging was a primary topic of concern for me, but who would let a topic to drop where you can blog very much.

So far I haven’t earned any money from affiliate marketing. I thought of visiting several sites and bought few products to get to know more about it. They all talked about three factors that contributed to the success in Affiliate Marketing (I am newbie in this field. So I don’t know much about this.). Well what are these three steps to succeed in Affiliate Marketing?

Promotion Method- This is not at all the first step in Affiliate Marketing but consider it as the first because we would need it in the later steps. There is no use of joining any affiliate marketing company if you don’t have access to a large crowd. Promoting the products is the most important part in bringing sales.

I use this blog to promote products. Blogs are better suited for affiliate marketing. One of my ‘Guru’ (Teacher) earns $18000 and more by just selling products through blogs. Learn more about him. There are several other promotion techniques like using Twitter, Facebook, direct mailing etc. But nothing comes to good effect as Blogs do.

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Finding a Right Product- Well to earn money through Affiliate Marketing you should certainly have to sell some products. Which products do you sell? I would go for something I have used or something valuable for others (usually a low priced). Choosing a right product to sell is usually an uphill task with many people because they are not sure with the promotion method they would approach.

For Bloggers, it is better to choose a product closely related to the niche. People would mind to click the affiliate links if they find it necessary to buy, after reading the post. Product Review blogs have a good chance to be a successful seller. Consider using affiliate links within your posts so that people will click it. Many use banners which won’t bring much effect to the sales.

Expose it to crowd- This is like the blood of affiliate marketing. Give maximum exposure to the products. Use blogs (as mentioned earlier) or social marketing sites like Twitter or Facebook to get more exposure. It is not guaranteed that all the people will buy the products. It depends completely on your skill to impress people about the product.

Tell them what you know about the product and moreover tell them why you recommended it to them. Consider myself as an example. I had a post about RealPlayer SP Plus, which I have been using for over two months. I reviewed about the product and placed some affiliate links in the post.

Something like this will increase the sales. Drive traffic to your blog (if you choose blogs to sell products) using several Blog promotion techniques. You need a large friend list or followers list to get sales from Social Marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter.

These are the three steps in Affiliate Marketing. There are many other steps but these remains to be the primary steps. I used several Affiliate Marketing tutorials to learn about it. Here is one guide which helped me to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

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