Friday, August 20, 2010

Dream High When Blogging

When I was writing my exam last day I struck up with an idea on dreaming and I thought it would be better to tell my readers to dream high (I always have something while writing exams). Somewhere I came to see the following two lines and got inspired very much.

Dream high to succeed in your life. Dream not about the Past instead Dream about your Future.

Yeah it inspired me a lot and thought Dreaming about Blogging will also bring a bright future. It had worked well for me over the past seven months. After reading this post you will get to understand a bright idea of dreaming and taking action accordingly.

I think everyone blogs because of some or other reasons. Some would blog just to share what they know while others go for a business model (to make money). You know Internet Marketing is the best way to earn money from home. There are another important category of people who blogs just as a hobby (myself falls into this category but turned to be an intermediate in this field).

When one enters into this field, they start thinking of getting people to view their Blog. This is normally the goal of every Blogger. Some would look into this seriously and achieve their goals while others just blog for the sake of blogging. This won’t do any better to them or to their Blog. Simply saying, it is a mere waste of time and money. But I think I am different from all those people. I just dreamed from one thing to another and am fulfilling it one by one.

I dreamed of getting constant visitors to my blog, buying a new blog, adding Ads and moreover I want to be in the top list of any niche I chose to work upon. I have fulfilled my dreams one by one. I got to receive daily visitors within three or four weeks after starting this blog (though I lost in the middle). I dreamed of Ads on my blog and AdsDaq provided me what I wanted (Even though I am not earning any money from it, the ads give a unique look to my blog). For your knowledge my current goal is to buy a domain name.

As far as I am considered the best thing a Blogger could do is to dream high about Blogging and implementing it. There is no use of dreaming if you don’t wish to take action. You won’t get success by just dreaming and taking no action. What would you feel if you employ a person who doesn’t do any job but takes his salary on the first day of each month? It will be a complete waste isn’t it? Yeah it is. So take initiative to be a successful blogger.

I dreamed of everything, a normal 16 year old boy from India should not have. I started just like everyone else out there, started just from scrap and didn’t have a single penny to spend. I know there are millions of bloggers out there who lost in the middle. Get up its time to take actions. Be where you want and what you want.

Here are some tutorials I used to learn about Blogging. Take Blogging seriously and you will certainly succeed.

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ProBlogger 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is one of the top selling E-book in Blogging. I recommend the book to everyone starting the Blogging career. A complete tutorial on how to blog. Click here.

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