Sunday, September 26, 2010

Students Achievement Increasing With The Use Of Mac

Are you a student? There is no need to ask it to anyone, because everyone in the world is a student until their death. But if you are a student hoping for bright future then you should read this article. Just a funny topic! It is now proven that students using Mac have excelled in their activities.

The Mac has transformed teaching and learning in the Greene County school system in rural eastern North Carolina. A new project-based curriculum has engaged and motivated students and college-going rates have risen dramatically. Do you want to hear the small story how Mac changed the Greene County’s success?

It all happened in 2001 when the college-going rate of the Green County School was just 26 percent. The authorities wanted to change this to a far better result. They decided to adopt an improved teaching method. Dr. Patricia F. MacNeill, Assistant Superintendent of the Greene County School District, and her team attended Apple Leadership Institute, where they saw the impact Mac could have on the educational level.

In 2002, they decided to put a Mac in the hands of every Greene County student in grades 6 through 12. This is where the story got a sweet taste. Mac had turned the teaching and learning experience of both students and teachers. Students began to be more enthusiastic to concentrate on their studies and presented their reports in different beautiful methods like media-rich movies, podcasts, wikis and blogs. Mac changed the system of writing lecture notes and all other hell of things into a simplified form.

“The Macs have transformed my classroom and transformed my students,” one of the teacher said. Another teacher said, “The Macs are interwoven into our curriculum. There isn't a single day we don't use them.”

Funding an ambitious technology project in a poor rural school district required a total community effort. The school authority had supported their decision to adopt this new system and provided the financial support, which they really wanted. The more surprising thing they did was moving over to Internet-based research tools instead of textbooks.

In June 2003, the school district purchased Mac computers for every student in grades 6 through 12 and one Apple MacBook Learning Lab per classroom for grades K through 5. Since the MacBook program began in 2003, the college-going rate in the Greene County School District has increased from 26 percent to a whooping 90 percent.

The story ends here. I got inspired by the fact that Mac can change the learning to a better level. Mac is not necessary, any laptop could do it. But the main question is about the future of educational systems. Can’t students learn without laptops? What do you think? I am in no support for this system as it will decrease the student’s capability to a greater extent and will move our Earth to a machine oriented world and that is what surely going to happen.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blogging daily is the best posting frequency

Do you have noticed that for the last nine days I haven’t blogged? It’s only because of my busy schedule with my studies and other activities (I wanted to know whether it would make any difference in traffic). The most surprising thing I came to know is that I lost nearly 60 percent of my traffic in this quick time. Anyway, I don’t felt happy with this. So I learned a new lesson from this blog- Blog Daily to Get Constant Traffic.

Have you asked to yourself this question? “Why would someone come to your blog if there isn’t anything new out there to read? If not, you have to think about it. Leave all this thinking and all the rest, consider yourself as an example. Would you like to visit a site if there isn’t anything new out there? Let it be pornographic or any sites. If these are not enough take my example, I have lost many visitors as I haven’t blogged for five days. I know it’s a big gap between two posts.

There may be many people out there telling you not to post rubbish contents daily. This should be taken into consideration for a bit. Even I don’t encourage young entrepreneurs, like you, to fall into this category. Because posting rubbish content will only put you in the back seat. Quality will have the priority first. It is true that a bad post is worst than no post at all.

Going for quality won’t bring any money to your blog, if money is your aim through blogging. I would encourage anyone to blog daily, but how could you do it when you are out for picnic with your family or have lot to study while your exams (this is the case with me). I would have used pre-publishing if my niche was not on news based articles. If you are working with any other niche, where you are sharing your thoughts, you could well work with this idea.

For bloggers like me, guest posting is the best idea. You should ask some of your friends or other bloggers in your niche to help you with blogging some guest posts. You have to ask for it. No one would think the blog is lagging behind contents and need helps. Would you think like that? Not at all, that is why I am asking you people to ask for it.

Don’t feel sad that you can’t publish 5 or 6 posts daily as PerezHilton and TechCrunch do. If you are able to post at least one or two posts daily it would be better and your blog will flourish in a short period. Remember, Quality is king along with Quantity.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Is So Amazing About Internet Explorer 9?

Well most of you might know that Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser around the world, whether it is Western or Eastern country. I got to know about this when my blog stats section shown it to me. About 70 percent of the users to my blog were using Internet Explorer. Anyhow the new version of Internet Explorer is out here available for everyone.

What is so AMAZING about Internet Explorer 9? This is what I asked to myself. Well of course, there is a lot to talk about the changes they made to Internet Explorer. Even this could be a turning point for Microsoft to rise up.

#1 Compact Interface

We all know that Internet Explorer contained a lot damn craps in their menu section. But now everything has changed. Microsoft changed the unnecessary toolbars and icons that were used in the previous versions and changed this into one of the most minimalist browsers available. The new Internet Explore looks almost like Chrome but with many differences. Anyhow, this is the most beautiful version of Internet Explorer.

#2 Loads Faster Than Earlier Versions

The new Explorer uses Graphic Acceleration technique, which enables the webpage’s to load faster. The new Explorer could employ the Graphic Software and will make your CPU run smoother and will load pages faster. Even the speed factor was one major reason why many users switched from Explorer to Firefox. Now you all can continue using Internet Explorer.

#3 Address Bar Search

This is the most revolutionized feature available in Google Chrome and is now used in Internet Explorer. Address bar will take care of both addresses and search terms, making your tasks easier and will remove unwanted usage of space in the toolbar.

#4 New Tab Features

The new tab section in the Explorer has been made look more attractive with the use of new color codes or themes. The tabs can be ripped off to start a blank window. Moreover the tabs in the section will show the time you have spent on the site (The most attractive feature-to me).

Monday, September 13, 2010

Squidoo Lens A Good Link Building Strategy

Today I published my first lens on Squidoo. When I published the lens I thought it would be a complete waste of time. But I was wrong. It provided me a Backlink to my blog. Not one link to my blog. I have included four or five links to my blog posts. That means I currently have four Backlinks from Squidoo and moreover if the post could generate some traffic I would be earning money.

Why have I made a Lens on Squidoo?

The answer is simple. My blog had only few links less than hundred or so by Yahoo. I know it is very poor work from me. I have posted earlier about Backlinks and its importance. At that time I had more links. I never knew that these links would disappear if we won’t look after it.

I lost many Backlinks and this mad me to go for article submission. If said truly, this is my first link building strategy. I have e-mailed some of my friends for links but what if they don’t give me. So, I decided to take it by myself.

Why I choose Squidoo?

This is a good question. There are hundreds or more article submission directories out there. Then, what prompted me to go for Squidoo. The difference between Squidoo and other networks is that the articles submitted by us acts as a webpage and will be shown to the public when we want it to be live. Other networks, like EzineArticles and ArticlesBase take up to 48 hours or more to publish an article. Why should we waste that much time for no profits?

And telling about profit, Squidoo will give me some money if the lens developed by me gets some revenue from ads. It’s quite interesting. Isn’t it?

Why did I, now, go for link building?

My blog now contains nearly 125 posts and received traffic only in the range of hundreds after seven month. This made me think about link building. Now this blog contains enough information so that even if I don’t post for two days I could get some good traffic. But as long as it is not happening I have to resolve some blogging techniques I used.

Only now I got to understand that links from any site could bring a change to your blog. Whether it is well established or from a new one. Every single link counts.

How could these links bring traffic?

Whenever I write a lens on Squidoo, I place links to some of my articles. Remember, Squidoo pages have good Pagerank from Google. So whenever a person searches about a topic I have made a lens upon, the Squidoo page will be there in top position in search result. So the chance of getting viewers to my lens is high.

If one reads my lens and wants to know more, he may use the links of my blog to find more about the topic. So I will get one visitor to my site. This is how it works. This had worked pretty well for many and I am sure it is going to work for me as well.

Here is the link to my first lens. Comment on it. Create a Blog For Internet Marketing

HP Going To Purchase 3PAR For $2.35 Billion

HP and 3PAR Inc. announced they have entered into an agreement under which HP will purchase 3PAR at a rate of 33 USD per share or an enterprise value of 2.35 billion USD. The transaction has been approved by the boards of directors of both the companies.

3PAR is a leading global provider of utility storage, a category of highly virtualized, dynamically tiered, multi-tenant storage arrays built for public and private cloud computing. The company’s virtualized storage platform was built from the ground up to be agile and efficient and to eliminate the limitations of traditional storage arrays for utility infrastructures. 3PAR designs its products to reduce power consumption to help companies meet their green computing initiatives and to cut storage total cost of ownership.

“HP and 3PAR is a winning combination that will accelerate HP’s Converged Infrastructure strategy and bolster our ability to provide customers with the industry’s highest levels of performance, efficiency and reliability,” said Dave Donatelli, executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking, HP. “We intend to invest in 3PAR’s technology to create long-term value for our stakeholders.”

“As part of HP, 3PAR’s agile, efficient storage solutions will truly thrive, particularly given HP’s ability to accelerate investment in our products and reach new customers around the world,” said David Scott, president and chief executive officer, 3PAR. “3PAR has built a reputation for delivering enterprises and cloud computing service providers the ability to do more with less. HP’s global reach, strong routes to market and our shared culture of innovation will allow even more organizations to experience the transformative value of 3PAR’s technology.”

When HP purchases 3PAR the existing storage solutions of HP will become dynamically strong. HP’s global presence, commitment to innovation and proven track record of integrating acquisitions will provide growth opportunities for 3PAR going forward. 3PAR also announced that it has terminated its merger agreement with Dell Inc. and paid Dell the $72 million termination fee required to be paid to Dell as a condition to terminating the merger agreement.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

HP Collaborates With Hynix To Develop Memristor

HP on Aug 31 announced that they had entered into a joint development agreement with Hynix Semiconductor Inc., a world-leading memory supplier. The current collaboration was made in order to bring ‘memristor’ (short form of memory resistors) to market in future memory products. Memristor is a new circuit element demonstrated in HP Labs.

Hynix Semiconductor Inc. is the world’s top tier memory semiconductor supplier offering Dynamic RAM (Random Access Memory) chips, Flash memory chips and CMOS Image Sensor for a wide range of distinguished customers globally. The company is based in Korea.

The two companies will jointly develop new materials and process integration technology to transfer the memristor technology into a commercial product. Hynix will implement the memristor technology. The final form of product will be called as Resistive Random Access Memory- a new version of RAM.

The new technology will result in the production of RAM’s that are non-volatile memory with low power consumption. This product will be really useful if used as the memories in mobile phones and MP3 players. This will lead to replacement of Flash memory.

“This agreement brings together HP’s core intellectual property and a first-rate supplier with the capacity to bring this innovation to market in world-class memory on a mass scale. It is the most recent example of HP’s ability to drive product innovation from the Labs out into the commercial world. This is discovery and invention with clear purpose, which differentiates HP and reinforces the value of our research enterprise to HP as a whole.” said Stan Williams, senior fellow, HP, and founding director, Information and Quantum Systems Laboratory, HP Labs.

Memristor will become the most widely used memory when it comes to the market. Memristor requires less energy to operate and is much faster than the current memories. And moreover, it can retain the information even when device is switched off. HP announced that the memristor-based devices could change the standard paradigm of computing.

HP, the world’s largest technology company continues to bring new innovations in the field of Technology and this time Hynix Semiconductor Inc. is helping them to achieve such great works. Let the new technology be a success.

Google Chrome Is Now Two Year Old

Google Chrome has become a two year old baby of Google. It managed to make many changes to the field of online browsing within this short span of time. It is wonderful what time can change. Google Chrome distinguished web browsing to a newer level of thoughts.

It was on August 2008, when Google Chrome did come to exist when JavaScript was 10 times slower and HTML5 support wasn’t an essential feature in modern browsers. All browsers have come a long way in the last two years and the web has become much more fun and useful.

Google Chrome is much different from most high ranked web browsers. Chrome was first launched for Windows and then moved to other OS’s like Mac and Linux and provided more faster and efficient browsing experience. More over it is simpler and safer across all these three platforms.

Its sleek look is an additional feature. Chrome contains browser themes, which can be changed to make your browser look attractive. Side by side view is the feature that attracted me most. This is absent in most of the top ranking browsers. There are now more than 6000 extensions in Google gallery to enhance the user browsing experience.

Security is a major concern for many browsers and Google continues to extend the security features to make user browsing more secure. Chrome’s Safe Browsing mechanism serves as a warning to the user if he/she is about to view a site that contains hosting malware or suspected of phishing.

On the day of second anniversary of Google Chrome, they released a new version of the Chrome with more advanced features. Chrome is now three times faster than it was two years ago on JavaScript performance. Google developers combined the two menu’s in Chrome into one and moreover adjusted the color scheme of the eyes to be easier on the eyes.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Future Of Display Advertising: Last Series From Google

A week before Google published their last report about the future of Display Advertising. Talks about online advertising is currently increasing in this blog. Yeah! Online revenue advertising is vital for any blogger irrespective of the age of the blog or contents in it. The number of people living by online income is far more than millions and many went through a blogging carrier.

Google is developing a new technology to make display advertising work better. This will help millions of publishers from around the world. AdSense is one of the best ad products of Google and it continues to be the same with many website owners.

Google is looking to make the new technology more efficient. A publisher, like me, generally goes for selling ad spaces in their site, which is a time consuming process involving many tedious processes. They are trying to send maximum amount to the publisher by reducing the administrative cost (Assumption, about reducing it or not. Not sure whether they will do it). This will be happy news for most publishers.

DoubleClick Ad Exchanging enables ad revenues to be maximized across both directly and indirectly sold ad space, using real time prices. Using the new technology, the average price that a publisher receives through Ad Exchange is 130 percent higher than the ad space sold directly to ad networks.

The upgraded DoubleClick for Publishers platform offers publishers 4000 times more data than its predecessor. The new technology would provide the publishers a greater control over their ads, which is lacking in many other networks. Publishers are given chances to get more data, reports about their ad business helping them to make most out of it.

Google is trying to provide ads on mobile and many other new devices like smartphones, tablets, e-readers and even in video game consoles. As new products like iPad’s are being used by millions of people, they are turning their attention to these peoples also.

Anyhow Google finds a bright future in online advertising.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New iPod Touch From Apple

Apple on September 1 had launched new iPod touch with more new incredible features like Apple’s Stunning Retina display, FaceTime video calling, High Definition video recording Apple’s A4 chip, 3-axis gyro- all results in a thinnest and lightest iPod touch ever. Moreover it came up with features to play 40 hours of music and video on a single battery charge. A thing every music lover would hear to know.

The most important or attractive feature of the iPod is its stunning Retina display making everything on iPod touch look incredible, whatever it be, whether playing games, watching videos, or let it be browsing through the web. The Retina display has 960 x 640 pixels—four times as many pixels as before. This makes the images looks smoother and more realistic.

The new iPod came with front camera, making it easy for FaceTime video calls over Wi-Fi. “We’ve put our most advanced technology inside the new iPod touch,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Whether you’re listening to music, playing games, making FaceTime video calls, browsing the web, capturing HD video or watching TV shows and movies, the new iPod touch with its Retina display, A4 chip and 3-axis gyro is more fun than ever.”

The new iPod touch comes with iOS 4.1; the newest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. iOS 4.1 enables new features like FaceTime video calling, multitasking, folders and Game Center. Users can buy and download the app for iPod touch from the Apple Store for just $4.99.

The new Apple iPod Touch come up with A4 chip giving users exceptional processor and graphics performance. With the App Store on iPod touch, users have access to the world’s largest catalog of apps with over 250,000 apps, including over 65,000 game and entertainment titles to choose from.

Apple’s new holiday lineup includes a brand new iPod shuffle for just $49; the amazing new iPod nano with Multi-Touch starting at just $149; the incredible new iPod touch with Retina display, Apple’s A4 chip, FaceTime, HD video recording and Game Center starting at just $229; and the iPod classic in a 160GB model for $249.

Buy the new Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation) from

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

iTunes U exceeded 300 million downloads

Before three years Apple in collaboration with colleges and universities has mad iTunes U. It made it easy to extend learning, explore interests or learn more about a school. iTunes U, a dedicated area within the iTunes store, offers users public access to content from world class institutions. All iTunes U content is free and can be enjoyed on a Mac or PC, or wirelessly downloaded directly onto an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

This was just an introduction to what I am going to tell and the above given things are known to everyone. So the main thing is that iTunes U download exceeded 300 million, which is quite an extra ordinary achievement Apple had made up.

In just over three years, iTunes U downloads have topped 300 million and it has become one of the world’s most popular online educational catalogs. Over 800 universities, from around the world have active iTunes U sites. They provide access to video or audio tutorials, lectures and anything they can provide value to.

New content has been added from universities in countries like China, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico and Singapore. The audio and video files exceeds number in 350,000, which is a huge collection. If iTunes store is able to store files from all universities around the world the video and audio collection could well overtake YouTube by a massive margin.

“iTunes U makes it easy for people to discover and learn with content from many of the world’s top institutions”, said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of Internet Services. This is just another cool application from Apple.

Friday, September 3, 2010

300,000 Applications for Twitter

As you all know Twitter started working on 2006 with mere number of applications. Since their launch, they were very much successful in their field of Social Marketing and Micro blogging. Only Facebook came up to do some shaky work to Twitter. Even then Twitter managed to bring up some impressive figures to their credit.

Twitter now has over 145 million users (a rough figure. They have less than 150 million users). And most importantly, Twitter now has nearly 300,000 registered applications under their belt. The latter number above is technically the number of registered OAuth applications in the Twitter ecosystem. Twitter, few days ago, changed from basic authentication to OAuth and left some applications like Tweetie. Anyhow the Chirp Conference, held on April 2010, had made a great impact on Twitter.

Number of registered applications has tripled since this conference. Number of mobile users (using Twitter) has jumped 62 percent since mid-April. There has been a tremendous change in the use of Twitter via mobile phones. 16 percent of all new Twitter users start on mobile. SMS and Twitter for iPhone are tied at 8 percent.

Top 10 Twitter Applications

  • covered almost 78 percent of the Twitter usage.
  • 14 percent users used it.
  • SMS- standing at a rate of 8 percent.
  • Twitter for iPhone- covered 8 percent users.
  • Twitter for Blackberry- 7 percent users used Twitter from their Blackberry devices.
  • TwitPic- used by around 4 percent.
  • TweetDeck- used by 3 percent of total Twitter users.
  • Echofon- 3 percent users used this Twitter application.
  • Google Friend Connect- used by 2 percent of Twitter users.
  • Uber Twitter- again a 2 percent efficiency.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Great New Look For Us

Today we underwent a complete turnover from a poor organized theme to changing our commenting system. Even though there is many more to do with the theme I have made my blog look somewhat decent. And moreover it is the best I have found so far for Blogger blog.

This cool new theme allows me to have nice share buttons, adequate Ad space and many sidebars throughout the layout. Now the only thing left with me is to add some good essential widgets to this blog and remove unnecessary ones. Sorry, for not currently providing E-mail subscription offer. I will do it within one or two days.

Added more sharing options to my blog. Just to make sure that I don’t lose any traffic and moreover it is a way to show authority of the blog.

The next thing I done was adding Disqus commenting system to my blog. I was using Intense Debate for a long time. But it is open to any scam messages. So I thought of dropping out from Intense Debate and found a better deal at Disqus.

Sorry, for not posting anything for the whole day even though I was available online. Better look for more after two days, we will be right on track with more news.

Share your valuable comments about the new look and it will be a good opportunity for me test for Disqus.