Friday, September 3, 2010

300,000 Applications for Twitter

As you all know Twitter started working on 2006 with mere number of applications. Since their launch, they were very much successful in their field of Social Marketing and Micro blogging. Only Facebook came up to do some shaky work to Twitter. Even then Twitter managed to bring up some impressive figures to their credit.

Twitter now has over 145 million users (a rough figure. They have less than 150 million users). And most importantly, Twitter now has nearly 300,000 registered applications under their belt. The latter number above is technically the number of registered OAuth applications in the Twitter ecosystem. Twitter, few days ago, changed from basic authentication to OAuth and left some applications like Tweetie. Anyhow the Chirp Conference, held on April 2010, had made a great impact on Twitter.

Number of registered applications has tripled since this conference. Number of mobile users (using Twitter) has jumped 62 percent since mid-April. There has been a tremendous change in the use of Twitter via mobile phones. 16 percent of all new Twitter users start on mobile. SMS and Twitter for iPhone are tied at 8 percent.

Top 10 Twitter Applications

  • covered almost 78 percent of the Twitter usage.
  • 14 percent users used it.
  • SMS- standing at a rate of 8 percent.
  • Twitter for iPhone- covered 8 percent users.
  • Twitter for Blackberry- 7 percent users used Twitter from their Blackberry devices.
  • TwitPic- used by around 4 percent.
  • TweetDeck- used by 3 percent of total Twitter users.
  • Echofon- 3 percent users used this Twitter application.
  • Google Friend Connect- used by 2 percent of Twitter users.
  • Uber Twitter- again a 2 percent efficiency.

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