Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blogging daily is the best posting frequency

Do you have noticed that for the last nine days I haven’t blogged? It’s only because of my busy schedule with my studies and other activities (I wanted to know whether it would make any difference in traffic). The most surprising thing I came to know is that I lost nearly 60 percent of my traffic in this quick time. Anyway, I don’t felt happy with this. So I learned a new lesson from this blog- Blog Daily to Get Constant Traffic.

Have you asked to yourself this question? “Why would someone come to your blog if there isn’t anything new out there to read? If not, you have to think about it. Leave all this thinking and all the rest, consider yourself as an example. Would you like to visit a site if there isn’t anything new out there? Let it be pornographic or any sites. If these are not enough take my example, I have lost many visitors as I haven’t blogged for five days. I know it’s a big gap between two posts.

There may be many people out there telling you not to post rubbish contents daily. This should be taken into consideration for a bit. Even I don’t encourage young entrepreneurs, like you, to fall into this category. Because posting rubbish content will only put you in the back seat. Quality will have the priority first. It is true that a bad post is worst than no post at all.

Going for quality won’t bring any money to your blog, if money is your aim through blogging. I would encourage anyone to blog daily, but how could you do it when you are out for picnic with your family or have lot to study while your exams (this is the case with me). I would have used pre-publishing if my niche was not on news based articles. If you are working with any other niche, where you are sharing your thoughts, you could well work with this idea.

For bloggers like me, guest posting is the best idea. You should ask some of your friends or other bloggers in your niche to help you with blogging some guest posts. You have to ask for it. No one would think the blog is lagging behind contents and need helps. Would you think like that? Not at all, that is why I am asking you people to ask for it.

Don’t feel sad that you can’t publish 5 or 6 posts daily as PerezHilton and TechCrunch do. If you are able to post at least one or two posts daily it would be better and your blog will flourish in a short period. Remember, Quality is king along with Quantity.