Thursday, September 9, 2010

Future Of Display Advertising: Last Series From Google

A week before Google published their last report about the future of Display Advertising. Talks about online advertising is currently increasing in this blog. Yeah! Online revenue advertising is vital for any blogger irrespective of the age of the blog or contents in it. The number of people living by online income is far more than millions and many went through a blogging carrier.

Google is developing a new technology to make display advertising work better. This will help millions of publishers from around the world. AdSense is one of the best ad products of Google and it continues to be the same with many website owners.

Google is looking to make the new technology more efficient. A publisher, like me, generally goes for selling ad spaces in their site, which is a time consuming process involving many tedious processes. They are trying to send maximum amount to the publisher by reducing the administrative cost (Assumption, about reducing it or not. Not sure whether they will do it). This will be happy news for most publishers.

DoubleClick Ad Exchanging enables ad revenues to be maximized across both directly and indirectly sold ad space, using real time prices. Using the new technology, the average price that a publisher receives through Ad Exchange is 130 percent higher than the ad space sold directly to ad networks.

The upgraded DoubleClick for Publishers platform offers publishers 4000 times more data than its predecessor. The new technology would provide the publishers a greater control over their ads, which is lacking in many other networks. Publishers are given chances to get more data, reports about their ad business helping them to make most out of it.

Google is trying to provide ads on mobile and many other new devices like smartphones, tablets, e-readers and even in video game consoles. As new products like iPad’s are being used by millions of people, they are turning their attention to these peoples also.

Anyhow Google finds a bright future in online advertising.

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