Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Great New Look For Us

Today we underwent a complete turnover from a poor organized theme to changing our commenting system. Even though there is many more to do with the theme I have made my blog look somewhat decent. And moreover it is the best I have found so far for Blogger blog.

This cool new theme allows me to have nice share buttons, adequate Ad space and many sidebars throughout the layout. Now the only thing left with me is to add some good essential widgets to this blog and remove unnecessary ones. Sorry, for not currently providing E-mail subscription offer. I will do it within one or two days.

Added more sharing options to my blog. Just to make sure that I don’t lose any traffic and moreover it is a way to show authority of the blog.

The next thing I done was adding Disqus commenting system to my blog. I was using Intense Debate for a long time. But it is open to any scam messages. So I thought of dropping out from Intense Debate and found a better deal at Disqus.

Sorry, for not posting anything for the whole day even though I was available online. Better look for more after two days, we will be right on track with more news.

Share your valuable comments about the new look and it will be a good opportunity for me test for Disqus.

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