Saturday, September 11, 2010

HP Collaborates With Hynix To Develop Memristor

HP on Aug 31 announced that they had entered into a joint development agreement with Hynix Semiconductor Inc., a world-leading memory supplier. The current collaboration was made in order to bring ‘memristor’ (short form of memory resistors) to market in future memory products. Memristor is a new circuit element demonstrated in HP Labs.

Hynix Semiconductor Inc. is the world’s top tier memory semiconductor supplier offering Dynamic RAM (Random Access Memory) chips, Flash memory chips and CMOS Image Sensor for a wide range of distinguished customers globally. The company is based in Korea.

The two companies will jointly develop new materials and process integration technology to transfer the memristor technology into a commercial product. Hynix will implement the memristor technology. The final form of product will be called as Resistive Random Access Memory- a new version of RAM.

The new technology will result in the production of RAM’s that are non-volatile memory with low power consumption. This product will be really useful if used as the memories in mobile phones and MP3 players. This will lead to replacement of Flash memory.

“This agreement brings together HP’s core intellectual property and a first-rate supplier with the capacity to bring this innovation to market in world-class memory on a mass scale. It is the most recent example of HP’s ability to drive product innovation from the Labs out into the commercial world. This is discovery and invention with clear purpose, which differentiates HP and reinforces the value of our research enterprise to HP as a whole.” said Stan Williams, senior fellow, HP, and founding director, Information and Quantum Systems Laboratory, HP Labs.

Memristor will become the most widely used memory when it comes to the market. Memristor requires less energy to operate and is much faster than the current memories. And moreover, it can retain the information even when device is switched off. HP announced that the memristor-based devices could change the standard paradigm of computing.

HP, the world’s largest technology company continues to bring new innovations in the field of Technology and this time Hynix Semiconductor Inc. is helping them to achieve such great works. Let the new technology be a success.

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