Sunday, September 26, 2010

Students Achievement Increasing With The Use Of Mac

Are you a student? There is no need to ask it to anyone, because everyone in the world is a student until their death. But if you are a student hoping for bright future then you should read this article. Just a funny topic! It is now proven that students using Mac have excelled in their activities.

The Mac has transformed teaching and learning in the Greene County school system in rural eastern North Carolina. A new project-based curriculum has engaged and motivated students and college-going rates have risen dramatically. Do you want to hear the small story how Mac changed the Greene County’s success?

It all happened in 2001 when the college-going rate of the Green County School was just 26 percent. The authorities wanted to change this to a far better result. They decided to adopt an improved teaching method. Dr. Patricia F. MacNeill, Assistant Superintendent of the Greene County School District, and her team attended Apple Leadership Institute, where they saw the impact Mac could have on the educational level.

In 2002, they decided to put a Mac in the hands of every Greene County student in grades 6 through 12. This is where the story got a sweet taste. Mac had turned the teaching and learning experience of both students and teachers. Students began to be more enthusiastic to concentrate on their studies and presented their reports in different beautiful methods like media-rich movies, podcasts, wikis and blogs. Mac changed the system of writing lecture notes and all other hell of things into a simplified form.

“The Macs have transformed my classroom and transformed my students,” one of the teacher said. Another teacher said, “The Macs are interwoven into our curriculum. There isn't a single day we don't use them.”

Funding an ambitious technology project in a poor rural school district required a total community effort. The school authority had supported their decision to adopt this new system and provided the financial support, which they really wanted. The more surprising thing they did was moving over to Internet-based research tools instead of textbooks.

In June 2003, the school district purchased Mac computers for every student in grades 6 through 12 and one Apple MacBook Learning Lab per classroom for grades K through 5. Since the MacBook program began in 2003, the college-going rate in the Greene County School District has increased from 26 percent to a whooping 90 percent.

The story ends here. I got inspired by the fact that Mac can change the learning to a better level. Mac is not necessary, any laptop could do it. But the main question is about the future of educational systems. Can’t students learn without laptops? What do you think? I am in no support for this system as it will decrease the student’s capability to a greater extent and will move our Earth to a machine oriented world and that is what surely going to happen.