Thursday, September 16, 2010

What Is So Amazing About Internet Explorer 9?

Well most of you might know that Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser around the world, whether it is Western or Eastern country. I got to know about this when my blog stats section shown it to me. About 70 percent of the users to my blog were using Internet Explorer. Anyhow the new version of Internet Explorer is out here available for everyone.

What is so AMAZING about Internet Explorer 9? This is what I asked to myself. Well of course, there is a lot to talk about the changes they made to Internet Explorer. Even this could be a turning point for Microsoft to rise up.

#1 Compact Interface

We all know that Internet Explorer contained a lot damn craps in their menu section. But now everything has changed. Microsoft changed the unnecessary toolbars and icons that were used in the previous versions and changed this into one of the most minimalist browsers available. The new Internet Explore looks almost like Chrome but with many differences. Anyhow, this is the most beautiful version of Internet Explorer.

#2 Loads Faster Than Earlier Versions

The new Explorer uses Graphic Acceleration technique, which enables the webpage’s to load faster. The new Explorer could employ the Graphic Software and will make your CPU run smoother and will load pages faster. Even the speed factor was one major reason why many users switched from Explorer to Firefox. Now you all can continue using Internet Explorer.

#3 Address Bar Search

This is the most revolutionized feature available in Google Chrome and is now used in Internet Explorer. Address bar will take care of both addresses and search terms, making your tasks easier and will remove unwanted usage of space in the toolbar.

#4 New Tab Features

The new tab section in the Explorer has been made look more attractive with the use of new color codes or themes. The tabs can be ripped off to start a blank window. Moreover the tabs in the section will show the time you have spent on the site (The most attractive feature-to me).